Precious, fertile farmland destroyed for wind corporation profits

Taken near Watford, Ontario (Zephyr Wind) – Jan 1, 2012

39 thoughts on “Precious, fertile farmland destroyed for wind corporation profits

  1. Strange at this time in history when all the “do-good NGO’s” claim that the shortage of food in the world is our biggest problem that food producing land is being bulldozed to produce electricity that isn’t needed let alone affordable. “Let them eat Wind” should be the new mantra!!!!

    • Hey thebiggreenlie,

      Nothing strange here – just precious!

      Community Farm is a going concern as councillors receive update

      ‘[excerpt] Karen Hutchinson, executive director of the Caledon Countryside Alliance,

      observed that TRCA adopted a policy in 2008 regarding near-urban supports for local food systems, calling it a “forward-thinking step.”

      She also pointed out there have been agricultural operations at other conservation areas.

      “I think it’s a very important step that the TRCA has taken,” she declared.

      Hutchinson added that community farming is still a relatively new concept, with towns and cities starting to embrace it, but Caledon is on the leading edge.

      She also said the community farm was able to get a grant, and in February 2010, it was incorporated as a charitable, non-profit operation.

      Farm president Barb Imrie pointed to a number of benefits coming from it.’

      p.s. Traditional values take detour
      p.p.s. No doubt this will be a major focus. Ugh!

  2. Does anyone know the actual acreage? Multiple this by the number of built or planned IWT.

    Unfortunately the development companies manipulate small farmers with offers of very large amounts of money and half truths.

    Dumbton thinks this is good for Ontario.

    • All councils know exactly what acreage will be used for the permits they issue for each turbine , Haldimand County will be destroying one thousand one hundred acres of prime farmland if Mayor Hewitt’s council issues all 176 permits.

  3. Then again the fertile land in North America is basically contaminated with GMO;s and round up ready pesticides which causes cancers other not known yet health effects ( MONSANTO LAND) . Another thanks to big corporate controllers which handles the strings for our public servants which they obey to. They say it is safe just like Wind turbines all but a big green lie. It is basically all out war with big corporations that are so big and rich and throw authority and money to our servants,they are the most destructive machines for our society to live in harmony. And they pay almost no taxes or very little while our taxes increases and get less in return for services. Another wake up call

  4. Humans are destroying this planet at an unprecedented rate, all in the name of greed and profit….It’s almost, if not impossible to stop this march…yes,, let them eat wind,,should be the new mantra..These corporations have done their homework.. They know that money talks, especially when it comes to farmers who can see a quick buck with little or no involvement.. These people have no moral conscience when it comes to the well being of their neighbors, or fellow man for that matter..They are to blame here initially,, for signing the deals in the first place.. They seem uneducated, and totally cold blooded towards the consequences of their actions..These corporations, AND the Gang Green have the resources and the personnel to study the human psyche, the human nature, if you will,, and have capitalized on it, big time..I don’t think we have done a very good job of educating the farmers on the consequences of their actions, because if these deals were not signed, we wouldn’t be in this god-awful mess we’re in !!!

    • Its hard to argue against a quick buck and the development companies use bully tactics.How can we get these landowners to say no?

      • If you have the money like the big players you can buy them off. Greed is a big factor on both parties cause it is party time for the players with our money

  5. Totally agree….it would be if we could get an ariel photo………perhaps the local paper might want to

  6. How does this work happen when the project is being legally challenged? Who gives them the power to proceed when it hasn’t even gone through the court yet?
    There is a very short window in which to appeal the REA. It was appealed and yet they are proceeding with tearing up the land. I don’t get it.?
    What is it?…We have invested x million already so you’d better let us finish it? What the….?

  7. This must be why they banned incendiary ammunition in Canada. People may use them
    against wind turbines… Now, far be it for me to insight lawlessness!

    Nice “thought picture” though eh?

    Keep smiling people, the empirical evidence against this corrupt practice is reaching crescendo.

    We may well soon get what we wished for -abandoned IWTs good for nothing but target practice.
    That’s all they good for now except that they’re not abandoned yet. Soon:-)

    Sean Holt.

  8. Corporations are lifeless, bloodsucking mechanical entities created by [can you believe this?] REAL human beings in what we call “laws of incorporation”.

    Are there any legal minds out there who would put their knowledge and humanity to work to CHANGE these laws which destroy life. The money value of these corporations and their inhuman constructs should not be the HIGhEST value our society believes in.

    Would all those who post on these “pages”, PLEASE write to the Law Society of Upper Canada as well as the Canadian Law Society asking that the “rules of the game” be CHANGED so that HUMAN values TRUMP corporate values?

    • Johana,The Law Society is a society that is a society in itself that uses a language called legalese that we cannot fully understand quickly or process we are not in that society and they will not change or listen to us at this moment in time. Believe it not there is a bigger picture to this that it is hard to explain in a few paragraphs. It is called due diligence on our part to educate ourselves. but the masses have or will not or cannot apprehend this information because we were all taught this is the it is and therefor correct. The best guy so far to explain all this is a man called Dean Clifford in Winnipeg Manitoba and knows how to deal with our corrupt system he was put threw the wringer by big the big stick of our government and educated himself how things are the way they are and now in talk-shows in Australia,USA and especially here. But most in this group will just expel this information as it is to hard to swallow. I believe he is very much on the right path and proven himself already to his simple strategy by using there system against them that are destroying our society. For starters we need to send in our notices and have them on public record and he shows you how to do it with authority to public servants.

      • Aren’t the people who go around offering IWT leases just sales people and not lawyers? Landownwers need their own lawyers to explain the ins and outs of these renewable energy contracts.
        Commerce is impossible without laws.

      • There are good and bad laws and the Green Energy Act is a BAD law as it allows some to trample the rights of others at the very least with regards to health and safety issues.There are other issues as well.
        The saying” your rights end where my nose begins” is a very valid statement.

      • Protest voter: Thanks for mentioning Dean Clifford. Of everything that I have read on the subject, he explains the system and how to use it to your advantage the best.

    • johana,
      Always read legal papers twice and try to pick out the pertinent information. Every trade,business and profession has its own jargon. The law is no exception and keep a dictionary handy.

      • If you do not understand and they force you to sign write with it “without prejudice” .Or ” I do not consent”. Even if you write something down that you may be afraid of them getting back at you in court write it down “with out prejudice”. Because again you are not part of the Law Society and they are deceivers, if everything was above the board they would make it understandable in layman’s terms but they don’t. it is all about commerce and is set up that way.We are slaves to them and they want to extract our energy which is our labour and money.

    • Franklin D Roosevelt when addressing Congress on ‘monopolies’ in 1938 said:

      ” The liberty of a democracy IS NOT SAFE if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state. THAT in its essence is FASCISM. Ownership of government by an individual, by a group or ANY controlling power. ” end quote.

      Guess we forgot…oops! Now our human values have morphed into corporate values. The almighty buck triumphs. We have embraced a new God.. “consumerism” mind set.

  9. Flashback!
    Good News! – but, not for McGuinty’s Green Plan

    Described as a ‘bold move’ –

    In this case, the Ontario Power Workers’ Union bankrolled the campaign during the current provincial election
    to highlight its opposition to the green plan of Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government,
    through specially crafted blogs and online social media messages from people who did not always clearly identify themselves as employees of M THIRTY.

    Read more:

    Attention The CAW!

    • Further to the previous post:
      Union suspends Internet campaign challenging green energy legislation

      “For over 65 years, the men and women of the Power Workers’ Union have represented the large majority of the electricity production and delivery workforce in Ontario

      and have worked diligently to help keep the lights on,” Sprackett said. “We know our industry and our communications are based on reality.”

      Greenpeace climate and energy campaigner Keith Stewart said the marketing tactics were not promoting a “fair” debate in public opinion.

      Current News!
      Power Workers Union

      p.s. Greenpeace into ‘fair debate’ – Ha! Ha! Ha! – blow me a bubble!

      • When many Ontarians switch over to using natural gas then there won’t be as many unionized jobs in the electricity sector.
        Gas fired generators are automatic and don’t require as many workers to operate them as coal generators do.

      • Who could be running similar campaigns? Let me guess…
        Liberal Party of Ontario
        Wind generation companies and other investors such as Enbridge, Suncor

        Maybe if they all stop, we could have a fair debate,

  10. Haldimand – one thousand one hundred acres of prime farmland to be ruined if the turbine project goes ahead! Yet here in Melancthon the Highland Companies want to quarry 2300+ acres of prime farmland for limestone extraction. This has been all over the news – 28,000 people (apparently), (number as quoted) turned out to munch on chef cooked foods and raise money for the group fighting the cause. The quarry is a danger to the environment, people agree. Yet the ignorance about turbines and health risks seems to be swept under the carpet, by the very leaders who have the power to prevent the devastation! What does this speak of?
    I assume fewer people will stand to make money from the quarry,(Boston hedge funded) unlike the turbines, when multiple organisations (and leaders) will make money, at the expense of innocent residents’ health. Disgusting!

    • Make no mistake about it: like IWTs, the huge Mega Quarry will be another destructive, disruptive environmental disaster. That being said, unlike useless IWTs, quarries, all negative aspects aside, do actually provide a useful and much needed end product.

      The Stop-the-Mega-Quarry bandwagon is rolling through Ontario, picking up protesters of all shapes and sizes, from both rural and urban communities alike.

      Watching city people I know (including relatives), who frequently mouthed the “Nimby” word when it came to rural concerns and never gave a rat’s ass about anything that happened in “Hicksville”, clamour to embrace the new “it” cause is a sight to behold. Expensive shiraz in hand, they kvetch about what the awful MQ is going to do to all those fine country folks, with nary a nod to the IWT problem.

      So kudos to the MQ opponents for getting their message out there. The thought of lost prime farmland and local food produce hit a nerve with almost everyone.

      I guess the real challenge here is to make the IWT issue, at least in the eyes of the fad-loving urban dweller, the next flavour-of-the-month.

  11. Some of the most prominent quarry protestors have signed leases for future wind turbines. I know, it’s hard to believe. As large landowners they personally won’t live in close proximity to the turbines so they don’t care and to hell with their neighbours they are planting them around.
    Those particular quarry people won’t allow the turbine issue to be discussed.
    In fact the entire township is being absolutely destroyed by hurt and anger.
    These corporations are absolutely evil.

  12. Here in the US our own Farm Bureau touts wind projects as being the best thing in the world; since it will deter people want to move out to the country and live on a few acres. So they Farm Burea, love the IWT. People I know whose relatives signed leases were talked into in by good salesmen. They talk a good story “we’ll put the turbines where ever you want” — when the lease came back there was nothing about that and it could go anywhere. One person I spoke to said “well they had an oil lease on their land and it didn’t cause any problems”. When they realize these things are huge she is now thinking twice, but the lease is signed. Many of the people I know of were “trusting” this man who had meals with their family, went to the same church.. etc. The salesperson (at least in our area) is really good. Why, he’s your friend he’s not going to lie to you… Ha!

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