A Personal New Year’s Resolution

by Treat Hull (recent Green Party of Ontario Candidate), Countylive.ca
I originally planned to write a more typical New Year’s message expected of politicians “the year in review with an outlook for the coming year”. My plans changed, however, when I read the moving December blog by Ted Cheskey, Nature Canada’s manager of bird conservation programs.  In it, Ted wrote that Henslow’s Sparrow “is one of the rarest birds in Ontario. During the Atlas of Breeding Birds of Ontario 2001 to 2005, there were only 8 possible records of the species in the entire province.”  Ted documents how the Ministry of Natural Resources was involved in the development of restoration plan for the Henslow’s sparrow in the late 1990’s specifically at the Ostrander Point Crown Land Block on the South Shore of Prince Edward County. He also shows that Henslow’s Sparrows were present on Ostrander Point in 1999 and 2000 as a direct result of the implementation of this recovery action! This is the same Crown Land Block where Gilead Power is now is the final stages of the approval process to erect an industrial wind farm.

Ted continues: “Something stinks about a process when we have a government agency, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, invest in successfully restoring the habitat of an endangered species, then turn around a few years later and offer up its habitat for a small and unnecessary industrial wind plant. Why is this process moving forward? Why has it gone this far? Why was it even conceived of in the first place? The turbines are not built yet. Once they are, no longer will this be Henslow’s Sparrow habitat, or Whip-poor-will habitat, or Blanding’s Turtle habitat, but it will be a serious risk to all birds, including the river of hawks, owls and songbirds that stream through Ostrander Point every fall. Over this Christmas period, my wish is that the Province or the developer recognizes that this is the wrong place to build a wind farm, and withdraws it before it goes any further.”

Inspired by Ted’s eloquence, I resolved to make stopping the wind farm at Ostrander Point my personal political priority for 2012. I hope you will too.

Treat Hull

11 thoughts on “A Personal New Year’s Resolution

  1. Oh, no, it’s okay to wipe out wildlife for wind power, it’s for a good cause!
    Seriously, isn’t it sickening how the government will sacrifice any principle – assuming they had any – to promote this billion dollar boondoggle?

  2. “…Henslow’s Sparrow is one of the rarest birds in Ontario…
    Inspired by Ted’s eloquence, I resolved to make stopping the wind farm at Ostrander Point my personal political priority for 2012. I hope you will too.
    Treat Hull ”

    Dear Treat,
    My husband is one of the rarest men in Ontario. He is a fine man, a wonderful, kindhearted soul who would give the shirt off his back for anyone in need. Trust me, I have watched him in action. There is not another like him and not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate him.
    Wind turbines have hurt him but our government doesn’t care. He is collateral damage. Does he matter as much as the innocent Henslow Sparrow? I don’t know but he certainly does to me and the rest of our family.
    Please don’t stop at Ostrander Point.
    People, pets, their livestock and wildife are suffering in all Ontario wind projects.
    I hope you will take a stand for those living in todays operating wind farms. With the acknowledgement of current harm, there is no way that any new ones could proceed.

  3. My New Year’s resolution is to continue to raise my voice against IWT. While my personal concern is Kent County, I support anti-wind activists everywhere.

  4. 2012 – Mind Cramp – #1
    ‘[excerpt] Inspired by Ted’s eloquence, I resolved to make stopping the wind farm at Ostrander Point my personal political priority for 2012. I hope you will too. Treat Hull ‘

    p.s. Monkey’s jumping on the bed!

    • Mind Cramp #2

      ‘[excerpt] Cheskey says that it is unusual for his organization to get involved in a fight like this because they are a national group and this looks on the surface like a local issue. But he felt they had no choice because this project is located in an “important bird area” (IBA). IBAs are a designation given by Birdlife International, a global partnership of conservation organizations that works to protect birds and their habitats.’

      p.s. Local issue – okay!

      • Yeah – Shockingly silent

        ‘[excerpt] Runciman lauded Nature Canada for its leadership on the issue, but noted that “they’ve been a voice in the wilderness, so to speak. Environmental groups one would expect to assist in protecting bird populations have been shockingly silent, in effect allowing green energy production to trump alarming bird and bat kill rates and even the threat to endangered species.”’

        p.s. still shocking!

  5. Most people don’t read the news anymore. They have likely never heard of this website. They have other things that are important to them, things that fill up their whole life, work, their kids school and hockey, bills to pay.
    They may have heard something about wind turbines. Slowly more people are becoming more aware of the issue. If someone isn’t directly affected they have other more important things to think about.
    Every week we hear about another new person, group, organization that has shown some concern. We need to thank them for recognizing the wind turbine problem. Make them feel welcome and support their particular issue.
    Whether we like it or not the general public is sometimes more concerned about cute little birds than people. If that angle works to stop the problem then all benefit.
    I sent a short thank you note today, to a new name that I saw. And received a nice note for a reply. It does make a difference if enough people work at it.

    • Yes, you are bang on David.
      But I still cannot reconcile that so many politicians refuse to speak up for the families they know are suffering or have been forced to abandon their homes. Not one has stood up specifically for them. If they have, I missed it. All I recall is skirting the issue with attention to municipal control. If urbanites were being forced from their homes the politicians would be clamboring for the media. It’s because it is green energy. It is unconscionable.

  6. A sad day for Ontario workers! OMG!


    Contract expired Dec. 31 – 2011

    LONDON, Ontario, Jan. 2 (UPI) — About 500 locomotive workers were locked out of a plant in Canada Monday after refusing to accept pay cuts of more than 50 percent, union officials said.

    Read more: http://www.upi.com/Business_News/2012/01/02/Caterpillar-Inc-locks-out-500-Canadians/UPI-42681325520915/#ixzz1iMqXlEpP

    Caterpillar, which this month forecast fiscal 2012 sales up as much as 20 percent,
    recently bought facilities to build Electro-Motive Diesel locomotives in Mexico, Brazil and in the United States.

    The company has said it plans to keep the London, Ontario plant operating, but at a more competitive rate.
    The company is installing a secondary fence around the facility and has a significant security presence on the grounds, Lewenza said.

    p.s. Ontario – Canada’s economic disaster!

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