New Year’s Levee kicks off celebration of War of 1812 – WLGWAG was there

Read letter from WLGWAG to Lt. Gov. David Onley
by John Law, Niagara Falls Review
Excerpt:  While celebrations went on inside, a small protest by the West Lincoln/Glanbrook Wind Action Group was held outside. Spokesman Cam Pritchard said the group presented [Ontario’s Lt. Gov. David] Onley with a letter stating concerns over the influx of industrial wind turbines throughout Ontario, citing adverse impacts like sleep deprivation, loss of property value, and possible interference with commercial traffic radar.  Read article

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Levee kicks off celebration of War of 1812 – WLGWAG was there

  1. Many thanks to those of the West Lincoln and Haldimand Wind Action Groups who came out to support this action and especially to Stephana who made the 3 1/2 hour journey to assist my conveyance to the Lt Govenor.

    I’ll forward a copy of the letter as prersented to the Lt Govenor for Moe to post and in it you’ll see how as he is the Queen’s representative for Ontario I made sure to reference Prince Philip’s recent comments on wind turbines as well as calling for his support of the moritorium. You’ll also see the originator of the quote which I was given credit for was actually provided by Bill Palmer and my thanks to Bill.

    Neil Switzer

  2. Thanks for conveying the injustice many have felt by allowing Ontario to be devastated by Industrial Wind Turbines.

  3. We wuz there.

    Many thanks especially to Betty Orrt, Fred Ortt, Cam Pritchard and Neil Switzer as well as my son Ross who all helped so much in keeping me pulled together, both for the ~ 350 km round trip from the Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore IWT ZONE and for arranging the time to let the L.G. know that IWTs are the next battle – hopefully NOT another 3 years until they are defeated.

    Since the CC/C/F IWT ZONE community has been in the struggle since 2005, hopefully we will see an end before the next New Year rolls around.

    • My wife and I were there on Sunday as well (from Haldimand) and spoke briefly to Fred who assured us that Stephana was, at that very point in time, making her personal appeal, on behalf of all Ontarians, for a return to sanity by our Provincial Government. The fight is far from over and the Ontario government MUST listen, in whatever way they choose to accept our protests, whether by petition, by signage, by letter, phone call or e-mail or, if all else fails, by VOTE as we saw this past October!! The current INSANITY must stop!!! John & Sharon Foreman

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