Rural wishes can no longer be ignored

By J. Merriam, Special to QMI Agency, London Free Press
Excerpt:  At the risk of blowing in the wind once too often, let me repeat that the single most important issue continues to be the wind factories that are springing up on farmland around the province.  There is compelling evidence that these turbines cause health problems for people living near them and their development certainly has meant the end to local control of planning. Add to that the third-party support that has emerged for the proposition that the entire green power initiative was ill conceived by the province and that turbines are just one part of a poorly considered deal that makes serfs of rural Ontario residents.  Their masters are major offshore industrialists.  Read article

10 thoughts on “Rural wishes can no longer be ignored

  1. The relentless and unwavering “removal of Democratic Rights for the Citizens of Ontario” by the various parties who have “ruled” Ontario over the past 15 years+ is the very reason we are in this spiral of destruction today. McGuinty is just the last of the “Dear Leaders” who have dismantled our once great province. 2012 will be the year of protest that will decide the future for our children and grand children. Time for all Ontarians, both rural and urban, to stand strong and demand the Freedom our Fathers, Mothers, Grandfathers and Grandmothers fought so hard to protect back 70 years ago. Every single lie and false claim made by this Government must be challenged!

      • How come the papers don’t know who came up with the Green Energy Act and we do? They can’t or won’t do their homework.

    • It is simply greed and power and who is behind this and to keep us in control. we the people are losing control unless we like you said stand together and demand and kick these criminals out. It is sure high time that this happens.

      • I would love to see Dumbton and gang gone. The problem is who has the guts to kill GEA, stop all new FIT contracts, halt construction of any new wind turbines and order a clinical study on the health effects of wind turbines?

  2. Speaking with a scottish couple last Friday – they told me of a wind turbine that caught fire – due to high winds – in their old home town in Scotland! This WAS confirmed by a family member of mine in UK – she said it was all over the news / tv / media / newspapers etc.
    WHEN will they listen? This is just one occurrence! There WILL be many more!
    Eating ‘humble pie’ is better than forking out $millions for health care due to turbine sicknesses!
    Are you listening “Mr NIMBY” aka corrupt leader? It’s dirty money you’re making !

  3. “forking out $millions for medical care due to turbine sicknesses”

    This has already started.

    One of the members of our IWT community has already cost the medical care system at least $1 M with all the lab work, Specialist visits, treatments provided and has now rented living quarters well away from the IWTs to maintain the not yet optimal level of health which it is hoped will be regained.

    Very likely a few more $ M have been spent on the 4 heart by-pass surgeries, the stroke recovery member, the 3 month hospital stay for another member who had heart failure but couldn’t regain his previous state even with the best of “health” care – he died.

    Ah, but we can’t say our various govts. don’t think of us – our community now has its very own MARIJUANA Growing Operation right at the centre of the IWT ZONE – maybe we’ll be drugged into obliviion!

    • People do not rise up against GOOD laws but they do rise up against BAD laws and the Green Energy Act is a BAD law.The Green Energy Act allows some to trample on the rights of others. Then the present government has tried to cover up enacting a BAD law with fig leaves/phony studies to cover up the fact that it enacted a BAD law plus anyother excuses they can find to justify their actions.
      “Your rights end where my nose begins”. Landowner hosts and IWT developers should be reminded of this.

  4. It would be really good IF we had some representation from the so-called “minority” in Government wouldn’t it?
    The silence against McGuinty’s madness and outright tyrannical treatment of us Ontarians by the NDP and the PC’s makes one wonder if they are just letting Dalton run free here without any challenges because they “agree” with the destruction of our Province!
    Our Provincial Government has become totally dysfunctional at all levels and I believe we all have to just depend on each other for our very survival. Looking for any help from politicos is a desperate waste of time and energy!

    • The NDP is in basic agreement with the Liberal IWT policies. This will continue until the NDP finds this no longer an expedient policy. PCs can’t do much right now to be of help but they can investigate and bring up IWT issues in parliament.
      So we do have to depend on each other for survival and do have to work togther to investigate IWT issues to be presented in local areas where IWTs are or are planned.

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