Does Windstream have insider government information?

CTV News  — Windstream Wolfe Island Shoals has signed a deal with Siemens Canada to supply up to 130 turbines for a 300-megawatt offshore wind power project on Lake Ontario.  The turbine blades will be manufactured at Siemens’ renewable energy plant in Tillsonburg, Ont.  Windstream says the project will be located between five and 16 kilometres off the southwest shore of Wolfe Island, in eastern Lake Ontario.  Windstream says selecting Siemens guarantees the Wolfe Island Shoals project will contain more than 50 per cent Ontario content.

The project will create more than 1,900 jobs for the first five years of development and 175 jobs after construction.  Windstream’s parent company has 11 early stage development projects totalling 1,050 megawatts in Ontario, with additional projects in B.C. and Wyoming.

Bill Smith of Siemens Canada said the company is looking forward to contributing to the development of Canada’s “first offshore wind project.”

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  1. What affect will pounding all those pylons and pouring who knows how many tons of concrete into our GreatLakes have on Ontario’s fresh water supply?

  2. Between five and 16Km offshore…is this “Ontario” or “Canada” at that point? Does McShifty even have jurisdiction here? Someone has to stop this guy…

  3. Question:
    Has Mr. McGuinty lost control – who’s running the show?
    It’s embarrassing!

    Get Rid of the OPA!

  4. He was just waiting for the elections to be over! What a snake in the grass. Apologies to the snake! Is my declaration making sense yet?

  5. There is something seriously wrong here with this announcement. Usually McShifty will announce anything on job creation in his Queen’s Park almost daily BS announcements and press releases to make the world “think” he is as fantastic as he does in his own mind!
    BUT, this company “jumps the gun” and announces a 130 Lake Ontario wind development as if it was just another day in the office?
    Is this company desperate for funding and had to make an announcement to keep “investors” on side?
    WE all know that the Green Energy Sector in the world has basically reached the final stage and is “imploding” as we write. Except here in Ontario of course where McSquinty has put a For Sale at any price sign on the front lawn of Queen’s Park and now we see the leeches and parasites in this disgusting Industry lining up for a final “suckle at the public teet!”
    Methinks a little investigation into this company’s books would be in order here!…….that would be a good start!

  6. Someone correct me if I am wrong here. When the Trillium lawsuit hit the fan, did the not say that they had no offshore contracts?…or was that just in reference to Trillium?….anyway….I phoned Windstream to ask about what I have read and why they would contract 130 offshore turbines when there is a moratorium.The PR rep Randi wanted to hustle me off the phone quickly. That did not happen, I persisted . She told me that they have a contract with OPA and that they must fulfill their agreement. I asked why they would sign with Siemens when there is a moratorium?….why would Windstream contract millions of dollars for something that can’t be built?….Randi does not like answering questions….she stated that they are under an obligation to the Ontario Government to have these turbines built. I went at her again and asked if the moratorium was being lifted. Randi stated that they have an obligation to the province and contracting the building of the turbines was in preparation if the moratorium is lifted. I contacted Siemens…..”we are only a manufacturer, our clients business is confidential, contact them.”
    Look at this anyway that you want to, but I think that the moratorium will be lifted in light of the soon to be released offshore study, that will confirm “no harmful effects”….As for inside government information…ABSOLUTELY!…CORRUPTION?….give yourself another check mark.
    p.s. Siemens AG trades on the NYSE. , In the past 2 hours of reading the story and watching the market they have gained 0.06% and a +100,000 volume. Inside gov., insider trading maybe as well……

    • Greg; I don`t think there is any “maybe”, about your insider trading remark. That`s par for the course in this extremely corrupt government.
      Good for you, going at them as you did! Sounds like you had them up against the wall for the most part. I`ll bet after your call, they had a meeting on what to say for future callers.
      I`d say you succeeded in calling their bluff. Good for you.

    • “Windstream Wolfe Island Shoals Inc. has signed a binding agreement with Siemens Canada Limited, to supply up to 130 turbines for its 300MW offshore wind power project on Lake Ontario. The turbine blades will be manufactured at Siemens’ renewable energy plant located in Tillsonburg, Ontario.

      Windstream holds the only offshore wind power Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) contract in the Province of Ontario, which was awarded by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) in May 2010. The project is planned to be located from five to sixteen kilometers off the southwest shore of Wolfe Island, in eastern Lake Ontario.”

      • The contract was awarded in May, 2010…well before the moratorium announcement.
        Likely where the damage control will revolve..

      • Back in Feb’11 our illustrious Energy Minister of
        the time (Do-no-good) scrapped offshore projects
        as they (government) needed time to review the
        ‘science’. The Windstream project had been
        approved and the contract was to be extended
        until the ‘science’ was done. Implication would
        be that this ‘science’ re freshwater offshore
        turbines must be complete and obviously in
        favour of the developers.

  7. The way I hear it, this company is a front for somebody much bigger and in the public eye. That is why they have the inside track. Anybody want to guess for who?

    J. Zak

  8. I think there are some folks in the news media industry that would love to dig into this. I would really love to start hearing the term “public inquiry”.

  9. Pattern Energy,
    Riverstone Holdings is a major stakeholder in Pattern Energy, Scroll down to page bottom.
    “Riverstone Holdings LLC”. “Riverstone’s support allows us to secure and finance capital for the development,construction and operation of all our projects”
    Riverstone Holding’s co-founders, Piere F. Lapeyre,Jr. & David M. Leuschen
    New York Times, Dec.9,2009,
    David M. Leuschen

  10. Interesting comments on Frank Carnevale’s Twitter page:

    “Gr8 mtg with Ontario Ministry of Energy on Smart Grid program. They’re leading the way, & waiting for spending announcements next month.”
    “Lake Ontario Companies Form Consortium to Encourage Government Movement on Offshore Wind Power… #offshorewind #windworks”

    “Windstream Energy Selects Siemens Turbine for its Wolfe Island Shoals Offshore Wind ProjectBURLINGTON, ON, Jan. 4, 2012 /CNW/ – Windstream Wolfe Island Shoals Inc. has signed a binding agreement with Siemens Canada Limited, to supply up to 130 turbines for its 300MW offshore wind power project on Lake Ontario. The turbine blades will be manufactured at Siemens’ renewable energy plant located in Tillsonburg, Ontario.

    Windstream holds the only offshore wind power Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) contract in the Province of Ontario, which was awarded by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) in May 2010. The project is planned to be located from five to sixteen kilometers off the southwest shore of Wolfe Island, in eastern Lake Ontario.”

  11. Talk about connections:

    ” Anthony Ferrari is the President of Bridgepoint Group Ltd., where he manages the firm’s Infrastructure industry vertical, including Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP) initiatives, and oversees the management of the firm.Mr. Ferrari has extensive professional experience in business and government in Canada and internationally.Prior to Bridgepoint, he held senior positions at a number of investment firms in Canada, including Burgundy Asset Management where he was involved in investment research and analysis in Canada,the United States and Asia.Mr. Ferrari worked as a Legislative Assistant to the Hon. Sergio Marchi on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, while Mr. Marchi served as Chairman of the National Liberal Caucus. He subsequently joined Minister Marchi’s Office as Special Assistant,when Mr. Marchi was called to Cabinet. In Ottawa,he also worked as an Intern in the Communications Office of the Right Honorable Jean Chretien.At the international level, Mr. Ferrari worked as a Consultant to the G-8 Summit of World Leaders.In addition, he served as a Congressional Intern on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, as well as a Parliamentary Assistant in the House of Commons in London (UK).”

  12. The Public Trust Doctrine

    The public trust doctrine is a legal principle derived from English common law.
    The essence of the doctrine is that the waters of the state or province are a public resource owned by and available to all citizens equally for navigation, commerce, fishing, recreation, and similar uses. The public retains its rights under the public trust doctrine even when the land at issue is privately owned.

    All Great Lakes bottomlands (meaning the lakes) are held in public trust.

    In Michigan and New York the wind scum, opps I mean wind companies simply stated they thought they should be exempt from this law. The projects never got to the point where this could be tested in court.

  13. “Bridgepoint Group Ltd., through its wholly owned subsidiary Bridgepoint Asset Management Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of its Greenfield Development Fund I LP, creating a new investment platform that will provide early-stage pre-development funding for Canadian energy and infrastructure projects.

    With Canada’s infrastructure deficit projected to climb to $1 trillion by 2050, the establishment of the Greenfield Development Fund I LP presents a timely investment opportunity. This private equity fund will seek to raise capital and partner with industry to actively invest in, develop and manage energy and infrastructure solutions across Canada.”

    Interesting to note that Bridgepoint Asset Management Inc. is located in Nigeria.

  14. Time to de-throne McGuinty. Please ask Mr. Hudak to seek a Non Confidence vote in the legislature at Queen’s Park. McGuinty has lied to the people for the last time. The people of Ontario should be screaming for McGuinty to step down. We should be at Queen’s Park by the thousands! This company Windstream would not be moving forward with this order if they did not know that the moratorium will be lifted. I am waiting to see this explosive news in all press over the next few days. We should be prepared to march on Queen’s Park. New signs needed.
    Restore Ontario -Mcguinty’s got to GO!

    • Mel….
      Something in my spider senses, tells me that the Windstream/Siemens announcement is cover for something more devastating.I have phoned 14 MPP’S of both parties. My question was simple….”with the Windstream announcement, does that mean that the moratorium of offshore will be lifted?”…..Let’s start with the Minister of Energy…..his office had not a clue what I was talking about….but would get back to me!……Premier of Ontario….transferred….transferred…..will get back to me!……Minister of Energy’s office just phoned….Moratorium IS NOT LIFTED….Windstream is acting on a contract awarded before the moratorium. I asked why Windstream would contract under the moratorium. The person told me that they do not understand it either. I asked if the ministry thought that Windstream was doing what the cancelled power plant did, keep on building, enhance equity in the project and wait for the Government cancellation and pay out?….She said again, that they have no idea what Windstream is trying to do….but that they do have a contract. I asked why the government did not buy out the contract when the moratorium was put in place, instead of letting it get to the point of another multi-billion dollar fiasco. No answer. I am waiting for other calls on this subject. Meanwhile, I implore upon you to phone MPP’s of all parties and demand that they get to the bottom of this.

  15. cont’d
    this. I would also ask, that when you do telephone you PC member…..that you ask that he/she vote for Tim in the Febuary leadership convention. We can not afford to lose Tim as the PC leader. Anyone of us would have put politics aside and supported our child. Tim got side tracked with his baby girl, and that is the kind of person I want as a leader.Please phone all the PC MPP that you can, and support Tim….

      • I can’t figure this announcement out. When I make calls, I always assume that the person I speak with, is trained in the Sussex method of confusion. The present government has proven that lawsuits mean nothing to them. Things are not right when the Premier is not standing proud,pointing his damn finger at us and announcing another success. You would think that Dalton would be all over this . He can go and open a closed solar company 3 times, yet he does not, nor does his office announce this huge contract with lots of jobs? We are being distracted from something else that will or has already occurred.

      • Another oddity.
        Baines (Pres. of Windstream) has a track record of
        doing legwork to put projects together, then selling
        co. to developer who actually constructs the IWT’s.
        Therefore seems unusual that Windstream would
        tender contract to purchase turbines.

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