Greenpeace co-founder blasts wind turbines

Dr. Patrick Moore

By Bob Boughner, Chatham Daily News
RIDGETOWN – Southwestern Ontario’s flourishing wind energy industry came under fire Wednesday from the co-founder of Greenpeace.  Dr. Patrick Moore told more than 1,000 area farmers the industry destroys more jobs than it creates, and causes energy prices to climb for all users. “The industry is a destroyer of wealth and negative to the economy,” said Moore, speaking at the 19th annual Southwest Agricultural Conference at Ridgetown campus of the University of Guelph.  Moore, who now refers to himself as the “sensible environmentalist,” said the solar bubble has burst and thinks the wind bubble is about to burst.  Read article

10 thoughts on “Greenpeace co-founder blasts wind turbines

  1. Sounds like someone was upset they didn’t get the glory to promote IWTs so sour grapes I guess. I don’t believe him. End of story

    • I do believe him. And don’t believe the above comment is founded.

      People should know about the Sierra Club as well. The Sierra Club was started over 130 years ago by a group of hikers from the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. They actually cared about the wilderness and wanted to protect it. And that is what they did. Today there are still sections of the Sierra Club that stick to the original principals and do very good work. There are also parts of the Sierra club that are messed up. Those are the ones that everyone hears about and they give the whole organization and other organizations a bad name which isn’t fair.

      And you can read about one of their past presidents if you like.

      • Sierra Club of Canada and Sierra Club US don’t have the same origins.
        Sierra Club of Canada evolved from Greenpeace. Greenpeace Canada was founded by US draft dodgers who removed to Canada during the Viet Nam War. Greenpeace headquarters moved to Europe.

      • David,
        John Bennett exec director of the Sierra Club Canada, told some Wellington county residents outside a council meeting that families that were being made sick and being forced from their homes were insignificant.
        Like most people I used to have respect for the Sierra Club but this does not represent anything that resembles care and compassion for life and environment.

  2. Renewable energy is on shaky ground:

    “The rapid decline of the wind-turbine industry continues. Today Vestas, the world´s biggest wind-turbine maker, closed down 19 percent after it became known that the company reduced its revenue and profit outlook for the second time in two months:
    Vestas, whose shares have lost 92 percent from a 2008 high, blamed higher costs and delayed wind farms, helping drive down shares in rivals Gamesa Corp. Tecnologica SA of Spain and India’s Suzlon Energy Ltd. Its plan to unveil a restructuring on Jan. 12 without giving a hint of its nature left analysts questioning management’s credibility.

    • Just check out Vesta’s stock prices over the last 5 years to confirm that it is true that Vesta stock has lost ~ 90% of its value.

  3. Finally someone willing to state the obvious. Don’t fund charities that aren’t charitable. Call the Industrial Wind Turbines what they are; a big waste of resources and an excuse to perform a mass collection of taxpayer dollars.

  4. The turbines are a waste of money ,over priced electricity, destruction of farm land, destruction of archaeological site’s, that the roadways were put right through the center of at least four first settler home sites, just in Raliegh township. These archaeological treasures are now forever destroyed. The noise and vibrations are disturbing.Suddenly there are people complaining of vertigo, tinnitus, and other ailments.Jobs? who has the jobs sure isn’t Chatham kent. Stop these monstrosities .

  5. It looks like Stephen Harper may be about to crack down on environmental groups and their charitable status. Mr. Bennett is not a happy camper. Perhaps you could find a few minutes to email the Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver and show your support at:

    “But John Bennett, executive director of the Sierra Club of Canada, isn’t reassured.

    “I’m quite convinced that we’re the next on the hit list of this government that doesn’t know how to find compromises but only bully people,” Mr. Bennett said. “On the charitable status, we could have some significant challenges.” He added that he is concerned that the statements the Tories have made are intended to prepare the ground for a crackdown on environmental groups.”

  6. There are organizations that have little or nothing to do with charity but are taking advantage of being able to move money tax free across international borders without having to explain where the money is coming from. This needs to be stopped.

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