Mike “Carpetbagger” Crawley in the running for Liberal President

Mike Crawley is currently running for Liberal Party President.  Let’s review his “contribution” to Ontario, his utter contempt toward rural families and the damage he has done to our communities

13 thoughts on “Mike “Carpetbagger” Crawley in the running for Liberal President

  1. As I posted in the Globe and Mail when this story came out here it is again:
    “A LOSER fighting to lead a whole bunch of LOSERS into another massive LOSS”!

    • No, it is not. Different person.
      This is the wind developer (AIM Powergen, International Power) who has used his Liberal connections to push to the front of line and ignore guidelines to rack in huge tax-payer subsidies for his UK-based corporation.

  2. Cutting ties with the Monarchy ? Really? This is great news, as it would be the downfall of the Liberal Party. As much as we murmur , deep down we want to remain Loyal to the Crown as it separates us from the Americans. Let’s hope they go public with this initiative. It will blow up in their face.

  3. Dear Mike Crawley

    I tried contacting you through your website but was unsuccessful. I know that you and the boys read here for the latest updates on Green Energy, so I thought that I would leave you this post.Mike, I am a 50+ white male who is really tired of the day-day grind. My kids are getting older and will need university, cars, houses, and jobs soon. I have been watching your slick moves and think that a guy like you can help me get ahead.

    I may not be the smartest, most educated person in play, but guarantee you that I can count paperclips( and will get it right the first time). What I am getting at here Mike is that I truly appreciate the way you have corrupted and fleeced the Ontario Government, the people of Ontario, your own family and friends, and they didn’t have a clue. You are the man. Mike, not everyday a paperclip counter can get half a billion(wink wink).

    So , here is the deal Mike. I sign up to the Liberal party, pay some dues( well, as your associate you could fudge things so I don’t really pay), I can even get some alias names and sign up as many times as you like( you know, like wind operators do….we never know who they really are do we Mike), then….and here is the really cool part Mickey(you don’t mind me calling you that do you?)……good…..we start a new program , similar to your gig of corruption.

    Geez, I guess if we are going to be partners in crime ,we better call corruption the GEA, sounds better Mickey.OK, so, right now you rob( better say take) from everyone and give to yourself. Sounds like a Robin Hood thing, but I have a better idea that will make you more money (and me as well). I take(rob) from everyone that has ever made a dollar from the GEA ( corruption) and give it back to those who it was pilfered from .Stay with me here Mickey, I know you don’t understand . With this plan, we can buy you a castle, you can sit in the turret and announce all across the land ” I am Robin Hood….I have given the subjects their freedom….I have given them prosperity”. Mickey ,you would be a modern day hero.

    Obviously this plan would not work, as you are a scumbag and have no sense of humanity. If you are interested, call me bro….

  4. I think Belinda would open her purse to anyone that daddy likes…Just wed P Mackay being another

  5. Speaking of bagging a few carpets…
    An article by Tim Harper…


    Mike Crawley can slip into a crowded coffee shop without meriting a second glance.

    Even the most ardent political geeks in this country would have trouble picking this 42-year-old father of two out of a lineup.

    Certainly, he is more important to the party’s future than any of the would-be messiahs, Dalton McGuinty or Mark Carney or any other name on a wish list in a party that has repeatedly lost its way searching for its next saviour rather than searching within.

    He is exactly what the Liberal Party needs. Someone who would bring the standards for honesty, integrity and fair dealing to a new high in the party…

    Vote For Mike! Raise the bar!

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