Massive wind farm project in West Niagara moves ahead

By Shawn Jeffords, St. Catherines Standard
The company developing a massive wind farm in West Niagara has begun a slew of studies that could help it secure necessary provincial approvals to move the project forward.  Niagara Region Wind Corp. spokeswoman Randi Rahamim said the company erected a meteorological tower in the region six months ago to gather data on wind velocity and weather data. Two more towers will soon be built in the region. Read article

34 thoughts on “Massive wind farm project in West Niagara moves ahead

  1. “It’s more of a study period, as opposed to a public open house period,” she said. “It will help us with eventual position of the turbines.”
    They don’t ever want public opinion. Who is still signing contracts to host these industrial machines? How many people needed to sign to place 77 of them?

  2. $550Mil…to power 57,000 homes. That’s almost $10,000 per home…for something that is barely 30% efficient…power that’s not in demand…add backup NG generation for when the stuipid things don’t turn.The numbers are right there under people’s noses!! Simple math!!

    • The other shoe WILL eventually drop … the question is when, and before how much more damage is done.

      • If existing onshore contracts are fulfilled, S. Ont.
        will be a wasteland within a few years. Given that
        the Kingston offshore project is a go ahead, the
        Great Lakes will be a wasteland in a few years.

  3. SkyPower is involved with this, at least personnel from SkyPower and they are ex Lehman bankrupt flunkies who know how to make a quick buck, fold and run onto another project before the ink even dries on the bankruptcy paperwork…anyone and I mean anyone that would invest their $$$ in this should lose every cent they put in and just go away when the crying starts!

  4. Just to make this all the more hard to digest, today Drummond announced how bad off Ontario really is and how we are all going to have to endure the pain!
    McGuinty’s dream to finish us off is coming true!.say goodbye to Health Care!
    All of Ontario has to demand this fool’s resignation now!!!!!
    He sure as heck won’t QUIT!

  5. Signing their souls over to the U.N. Agenda 21 and our future! This is TYRANNY at the highest levels of power and McGuinty along with the rest of the signatories should be tried in courts worldwide for this action.
    There isn’t any other way of describing the mess we are all in!

  6. What’s wrong with this scenario? We are being
    governed by a lunatic who has clearly lost it.
    On a daily basis we are witnessing the erosion of
    our freedom and our rights. The shady democracy
    that we enjoy has been reduced to the old adage
    of the two wolves and the lamb discussing what they
    would like to have for supper. Outcome never in

  7. Madasabat,
    “The shady democracy
    that we enjoy has been reduced to the old adage
    of the two wolves and the lamb discussing what they
    would like to have for supper. ”
    What was the second part about liberty?

  8. I wonder what the reaction would be if the headline changed from “Massive Wind Farm Project…” to “Massive Hedge Fund Sponsored Industrial Wind Turbine Power Generation Project…” Ain’t nothing “farm” about it.

  9. Jan. 3 – 2012
    Tim Ball – a Great Canadian!
    Computers Incapable of Modeling Climate:
    Billions Wasted To Perpetuate Deception

    Billions of taxpayers dollars are wasted on politically motivated climate science, most of it on buying and running computers incapable of modeling global climate. They’re incorrectly programmed so a CO2 increase causes a temperature increase to fulfill the saying “Garbage In, Garbage Out” (GIGO). In the real world, temperature increases before CO2, but the programmers need a political result. Naturally the temperature forecasts are consistently wrong, but that doesn’t matter. They claim they’re getting better and all they need are bigger, faster computers. It won’t and can’t make any difference, but they continue to waste money.

    p.s. Garbage In – Garbage Out – How true!

      • The Star moderates its comments. Every comment is reviewed before it appears. I think that they don’t have many doing this so if they are busy or on a break, it could take hours before a comment appears. I notice a lot of double postings and redundant comments. This is not the fault of the posters.

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