Opposition to MOE wind turbine study mounts

ENVIRONMENT: Lawyer says full information not provided
By Ellwood Shreve, Chatham Daily News
The lawyer, who represented local appellants in the first Environmental Review Tribunal involving a wind farm, is disputing a study that concludes there are no direct health effects from wind turbines. Eric Gillespie has sent a 12-page letter to the Minister of Environment, along with Minister of Health and Long-Term Care and Minster of Energy, stating the study, released in mid-December by the MOE, does not provide full information on industrial wind turbines and health problems. Read article

9 thoughts on “Opposition to MOE wind turbine study mounts

  1. The duties from our MOE public servants is to protect the environment for us humans and other species,this does not mean protect and defend rich ,power hungry,ruthless,lying, cash grabber,fictional corporations. MOEers are to help and listen to complaints from victims and provide help to stop the harm created by corporate machines.If they say they have no way of proper testing then look for solutions and until they get it right ,PUT A GOD DAM PRECAUTIONARY STOP TO THIS MADNESS. THIS IS YOUR JOB AND STOP WASTING OUR PRECIOUS LIFE HERE ON THIS PLANET THAT WE ALL WANT TO SHARE AND ENJOY FROM HARASSMENT AND TORTURE. DAM IT! YOU ARE PUBLIC SERVANTS NOT CORPORATE ASS KISSERS.

  2. To Green Clean: (Original article wind bag blogger)

    I submit your own ignorance is your undoing. Clearly you look at the environment as if it were some patchwork construct, fragmented and unconnected! There can be no other explanation for your support of industrial wind.

    What environmental crime (and there are many) committed by humans have these proven to solve since the first industrial (1 MW) turbine began supplying the grid near Vermont way back in 1941? NONE! Based on now decades of experience with literally tens of thousands of them, what pollution from the generation of electricity has been mitigated in any measurable way? Again NONE! What quantity of “dirty” (your words) conventional generation has been reduced by Industrial wind now that their numbers well exceed one hundred thousand!? Yet again the answer is NONE!

    How many millions of IWTs would be required before their highly espoused yet never seen benefits can finally be realized? To what wasteland will the planet then be reduced? It seems these are the real answers borne on the back of the wind!

    Obviously, you feel that CO2 is somehow a problem. Have you done any research to ascertain if this is even possible at ANY atmospheric concentration that has EVER existed at any time during the almost 1 billion year long fossil record? Has it even occurred to your clearly limited intellect to at least ponder what absolutely MUST be present in measurable atmospheric concentrations for photosynthesis to occur? Apparently not!

    I have a bit of shocking news for you: The current atmosphere is CO2 STARVED! That’s right! All trees are very happy CO2 is on its way up. Were it to fall to far, trees would vanish to be replaced by grasses like bamboo for instance. Farther still no green grass, no green trees no you and no me for we are nothing more then carbon bags filled with water!

    Myself and a great many far more intelligent then I have spent a great deal of time and effort gathering, researching, quantifying and presenting the truth not only about
    industrial wind but also environment out in the blogs.

    You will note (I hope) that not a single reference was provided to support my assertions and for good reason: I had to research all of this, much of it the old fashioned way; by foot and by phone decades before there was the internet and email. You could absolutely benefit from such an effort yourself!

    No Green Clean… There is but ONE environment and all within it including us are one with it! NOTHING INDUSTRIAL, including wind energy is ANY friend to it! Not now and not ever! The trick is to find a balance. With wind energy we already had that 50 or more years ago before centralized generation and distributions grids. Wind power and grid power are mutually exclusive. Plain, simple science. The only thing smart in smart grids is the easy way its proponents will separate fools from their money. Exactly what is being done by wind energy proponents today!

    From where I sit, yours are nothing better then the rantings of an ignoramus! Do not dirty the true meanings of the words “clean” and “green”. Be truthful enough to use your real name or at least chose another more suitable to hide behind.

    To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.

    A most poignant bit of prose to be sure!

    Truthfully, for I know not another way save ignorance…

    Sean Holt.

    • Sean, a very good response to Chatham Daily New’s very own discussion board troll. Since that paper only allows 20 comments per story, its pretty easy for the troll to take over. This person appears to believe that the discussion boards regarding wind power are his private domain.

      I have read a number of postings from this source and based on a the comments, I have come to the conclusion that Green Clean is either a land owner with a turbine on their property or an employee of one of the wind development companies.

      While I’m all for free speach, this bully needs to be stopped. I reported Green Clean today. Maybe if others do so, the Daily News will be able to host intelligent discussions on this subject again.

  3. “Jordan said that while the study found the province’s rules to control wind turbines noise are appropriate, it stated Ontario should continue to monitor technical developments and emerging regulatory policies introduced in other countries, with respect to low-frequency noise. She said the ministry is committed to doing this.”
    Why do we need to wait for other countries to implement changes to obvious issues raised by our citizens? Proving that we have no way of understanding or monitoring how damaging Industrial Wind Turbines are, would not a moratorium on further development make sense until well founded regulations are in place?
    There is no way that the rules of this province are appropriate when people are sick and have to abandon their homes.

    • Don’t count on lawyers as again they work inside the corrupt monetary system and have there own society which is called the law society where they extract money and use hard to understand legalize language. i know most will not see it that way but it is when you dig down deep you will see it. We the people need to stand up and push these corrupt organizations out of business.We are real and they are fictional corporations that only want to extract money however possible we are a commodity to them they have no love for you are me. This lawyer will need all our help and stand together with others as we do not have the cash drawers or own or control banks that the parasites have access to. And that is the big problem. Just look around ,this should be simple math to calculation that any grade 3 student can figure this out, and it is sucking us dry in time and money and yet the fight still goes on. This is and should be an open shut case long time ago. To get this far our slave money keeps pouring in for court costs and our time to spend yet the other side they harvest their money at our expense. Look who is paying for their legal advise and costs to have these guys perform in court? We do. And who’s side should the MOE be on? Our side they are suppose to help us they are our public employees. But they jumped ship and are protecting the scum bags and who is paying for their labour? US! Does this make sense? MUTINY !!!!

  4. This latest study has already showed up on company websites that rely on this kind of rubbish to promote their IWT investments. Used to protect the finances of these companies and to show potential investors that IWTs are indeed safe. No problems so ok to invest in these IWT projects.

  5. M.O.E.’s
    Full Disclosure = The Unknown Idea

    p.s. the healthy alternative – Ear-muffs!

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