Lambton to Longwood Transmission Upgrade Class Environmental Assessment

Wednesday, January 18, 2012. 5:00 p.m.– 8:00 p.m.
Southwest Middlesex Arena, Auditorium, 138 Mill Street,Glencoe
Thursday, January 19, 2012, 5:00 p.m.– 8:00 p.m.
Brigden Community Hall, 3016 Brigden Road, Brigden
Interested parties are invited to attend one of our public information centres to learn more about the project and to provide comments to our project team. More information

34 thoughts on “Lambton to Longwood Transmission Upgrade Class Environmental Assessment

  1. The ‘Big Kahuna’ –
    East-West Transmission Line – must not move forward!
    Not needed – Not wanted

  2. Judgement Day!
    McGuinty Liberal ‘Green Plan’ – Trumps All
    Now – Toronto on Life Support!

    OMG! – I’m crying too!

    ‘[excerpt] Standing in Powerline’s yard, crammed with idle equipment on Wednesday, Matin said the sudden end of the work is “devastating.”

    On Monday, he started laying off most of his staff of close to 300.

    He acknowledges he wept as many of them filed through,
    handing in their equipment. They’re gone now, and he doesn’t know what happens next.

    The company bought 16 specialized trucks in the past year,
    vehicles with price tags starting at $250,000.’

    ‘[excerpt] Toronto Hydro has predicted the cutbacks will lead to more and longer power outages –

    a prediction Briggs agrees with – but the energy board dismisses that scenario as “not credible.”

    Meanwhile, energy minister Chris Bentley has no intention of stepping in to mediate between Toronto Hydro and the energy board,

    which he says is supposed to be an independent regulator.

    “The system is doing what it’s supposed to do,” he said.

    “We have an independent (energy) board so they can hear the evidence…and make a rational, reasoned decision,” Bentley said.

    He said the energy board has approved “billions and billions” of dollars worth of investment in the hydro system over the past decade.

    “You want to take the politics out of these decisions,” he said. “They made a decision here and that’s what they’re supposed to do.”

    That’s cold comfort to Briggs, or to Ben Matin, who has owned Powerline Plus since 1990.’–toronto-hydro-cuts-shock-contractors

  3. (connecting story below)……………
    With former Toronto Mayor Miller gone – Looks like – CUPE’s party – is over!

    Culture of:
    Bottom up – Top down

    ‘[excerpt] I knew the city was headed for trouble as early as March, 2003 when then-mayoralty candidate David Miller cozied up to the CUPE guys and gals at a conference held in downtown Toronto.

    Within six months of being elected with their help in 2003, Miller abolished any and all attempts his predecessor Mel Lastman had made to contract out city services.

    In their 2005 contract, Miller gave CUPE wage hikes averaging 3.25% over four years and a continued guarantee of no contracting out for those employees with 10 years of seniority or more.

    In 2009, after a bitter 39-day strike, Miller sweetened the pot — giving the CUPE guys and gals 2% wage hikes each year and a guarantee there would be no contracting out whatsoever over the life of the three-year contract.

    The message Miller gave to his union friends was they were accountable to no one. It has cost the city and taxpayers far more than the series of wage hikes.

    It created a culture of lethargy, inefficiency, absenteeism and has denied managers much of their ability to manage.’

    p.s. CUPE – once – a ‘champion fighter’ against the privatization of Ontario Hydro (2002)

    Put your Fig Newton down!

    Okay –
    Mayor Ford – will see you now – Ha! Ha! Ha!

    CUPE’s Ha! Ha! – Oh crap – ‘get real’ moment –

    Union offers solution to protect City services, solve contract differences

    ‘[excer[t] If both parties agree to ‘roll over’ the current collective agreement,
    wages would remain at 2011 for the duration of the agreement,
    freeing up an additional $8.6 million each year,
    or more than $25 million over the next three, for funding important services.

    “It could, just for example, allow Toronto to keep shared-use pools and splash-pads open,
    maintain grants to dozens of community groups,
    and continue offering free recreation centre programming to youth in priority areas,” said Ferguson.’

    p.s. …and how does CUPE feel about the privatization of Ontario’s Crown Corporation – Hydro One (Transmission Lines) ? – still not talking – but soon – maybe
    p.p.s. CUPE on their knees – a good start!

    Game on!

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