‘Wrecking our heaven’

By Tori Stafford/The Whig-Standard
A dull buzz filled the small gymnasium of Amherst Island Public School on Sunday afternoon as more than 50 people gathered there to hear Carmen Krogh discuss the negative health impacts of wind turbines. Krogh, a retired pharmacist who has held senior positions at a major teaching hospital and Health Canada, has spent much of the past three years volunteering her services to researching the health effects of living near industrial wind turbines. She is currently conducting Wind Vigilance for Ontario Communities, a self-reporting health survey, and she has formed the support network VOW, which stands for Victims of Wind. Read article

12 thoughts on “‘Wrecking our heaven’

  1. I see a few misprints but the mother who stood up and spoke to her fear of being surrounded by turbines has good cause to be concerned.

    People report sleep disturbance to the point of becoming unable to function well from lack of restorative sleep, waking up with a start while their hearts are rapidly beating, headaches that meds don’t touch, dizziness, nausea among other symptoms; all symptoms that go away after the person leaves the area that’s become toxic after turbines become operational.

    People don’t walk away from homes they’ve lived in for decades and love because they are ‘annoyed’ as the word ‘annoyed’ is understood by most.

    I’m sure Ms. Krogh did not mean to take sole credit for both WindVOiCe, Wind Vigilance for Ontario Communities and VOW, Victims of Wind, since both are very much a collaborative effort by volunteers who have put many hours into both.

  2. Cheaper to send McGuinty and his cronies to Afghanistan! In the hull of a cargo ship sounds about right.

  3. The Whig reported 50 persons attended. Several islanders who were there estimated the attendance was between 100 and 150 people. Not bad for a winter population of about 400.

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