Meanwhile, turbines going up on $22-million project

By PAUL MORDEN, The Observer
Muddy conditions caused by rain and mild winter temperatures have been a challenge for crews at the Zephyr Farms four-turbine wind project under construction near Watford. Mississauga-based Green Breeze Energy Inc., began work on the $22-million, 10-MW energy generation project in late 2011 after receiving approval from Ontario’s Environment Ministry. Brent Hull, vice-president with Green Breeze Energy, said the work has stayed mostly on schedule, even through the wet weather. “In the beginning, when we were digging the holes for the foundations, they just kept filling up with water because it was raining so much,” he said.  Read article

3 thoughts on “Meanwhile, turbines going up on $22-million project

  1. “The turbines, made by Samsung of South Korea, are sitting dockside in Windsor waiting to be trucked to the site.”
    Well, so much for all the ‘green’ jobs in Ontario,building ‘INDUSTRIAL’ Wind Turbines!
    Will we at least get one truck driver job for the day, maybe two days? Or did Samsung send their own truck & driver too? We just supply the A1 ag. land to place them on, along with Billions in profits.

  2. yep and “The 100-metre blades will be trucked to the site from the manufacturer in Arkansas.”
    Word has it that the Samsungers are getting their sushi trucked in to!

  3. One World Energy & Green Breeze Energy
    OneWorld Energy Group Inc. Board of Directors includes:
    Peter Kampian, CFO Algonquin Power Management Inc and with Kms Power Income Fund a subsidiary of Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp.
    Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp.
    Algonquin Power Board of Directors includes:
    Christopher Huskilson > Marie Rounding on the OPG Board of Directors

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