OFA calls on government to suspend wind turbine development in Ontario

Read the full OFA position statement on industrial wind turbines.

Guelph, ON [January 20, 2012] – Escalating concerns about industrial wind turbines have prompted the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) to urge the province of Ontario to suspend further development until farm families and rural residents are assured that their interests are adequately protected. The OFA unveiled its strong stance in a new position statement on industrial wind turbines, released today, that will be presented to government later this month. Read more…

14 thoughts on “OFA calls on government to suspend wind turbine development in Ontario

  1. The OFA is acting in a responsible way to protect the rights of farm families and rural communities. Although the concept of renewable energy is laudable, the way wind power has been rolled out across Ontario is highly suspect. The concept of health is the one that concerns me the most as families living near wind turbines in Ontario, other provinces and other countries have been complaining of ill health that relates to a combination of noise, infrasound (low frequency vibrations), flicker, poor power quality and ground current. These turbines have turned the lives of many into a living hell. We desperately need public dialogue about how we generate, distribute, use and conserve energy and this needs to be done before any more turbines are erected. Thank you OFA for taking these concerns seriously and for asking the government to suspend wind turbine development in Ontario.

    • Feel free to join! You don’t have to be a farmer. Just bring your passion for agriculture and rural advocacy! The more members the better! Your passion would be welcomed.

  2. QUOTE : “suspend further development until farm families and rural residents are assured that their interests are adequately protected” Whaaaaaat! You kidding me? Why would anybody think their interests are adequately protected? And, why should the farmers’ interests be protected? Just because they signed up for the turbines, REGARDLESS of how the neighbours feel about it, with or without the detrimental health effects we are hearing about.
    Come on guys – get real!
    Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news – but They Dont Care – they are making MONEY!!
    (Yes – in case you haven’t guessed – I am one of the many neighbours going to be affected by TWELVE turbines around our one acre property – call me unreasonable, call me what you like, but at the end of the day that is how it stands right now, unless somebody puts a stop to this madness – which WILL NOT HAPPEN all the time farmers are signing up for these ‘Wind Farms’.
    I rest my case!

    • Lynne, you are a ‘rural resident’, so I would think they are asking for your protection too, not just the big land owners.

  3. Now there is a strategy! Lets all join OFA and be an even stronger voice to educate the general public that still think industrial wind turbines are green. Not only do we have to stop this madness but we must all work together to find real green solutions. But first we have to get these corporate carpetbaggers out of our public trough. They have been exploiting gullible politicians all over the world.

    • I would think that since the OFA has gone against McGuinty, the Liberals will call the organization a ” fringe group” of NIMBY’s 😉
      Before, the Liberals considered the farmers to be beggars who wanted industrial wind turbines to save their farms.

  4. Don’t forget to tell them how you feel on their website. YOU know they are going to get an earful from those who have signed leases and expect the $$$$ to keep pouring in. Also, don’t forget to vote – Question: OFA has taken a stand on industrial wind turbine development, are you happy with the new position? Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes….!


    Now we all need to work together to get our government to change their policy on this idiotic wind turbine crap.

  5. If you want to know about a person, or organization –
    look @ who their associate’s are,
    and who their friends are.

    About the Green Energy Act Alliance:

    The Alliance’s vision is to make Ontario a global leader in green energy development
    through the use of renewable energy,
    distributed energy and conservation, creating thousands of jobs,
    economic prosperity, energy security, while ensuring climate protection.

    Founding groups include:
    the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association,
    Community Power Fund,
    the David Suzuki Foundation,
    Environmental Defence,
    the First Nations Energy Alliance,
    the Ivey Foundation,
    the Ontario Federation of Agriculture
    and the Pembina Institute.


    Deep thinkers @ the OFA should @ least be congratulated for positioning
    themselves in the right direction.


  6. Hats off to the OFA for realizing that we’ve been misled by Dalton McGoofy’s dictatorship in forcing these controversial huge wind turbines on rural Ontarians.
    It’s ironic that the CAW wants everybody to get behind them on their actions against the Caterpillar workers in London, & I feel for these workers losing 1/2 their pay-cheque & pension, but the CAW has demonstrated total disregard for rural Ontarians’ quality of life & health, & the loss of property value that they worked so hard for, by knowingly placing the CAW wind turbine far too close to many homes at Pt.Elgin. I have a very difficult time showing any support or respect to an organization that would do this to their fellow Ontarians. When you actually do the math, rural Ontarians are losing far more than 1/2 their paycheque – in some cases we’re losing years of sweat & equity in our properties.

  7. The OFA changing their attitude toward wind turbines is huge news, especially since their previous position has been used for leverage in getting farmers to sign leases.

    One part of their position is :
    “Because IWT projects can have a significant and lasting impact on neighboring farm businesses with regards future expansion and succession planning”

    Can anyone address this: I stand to inherit interest in a farm (hopefully not for a very, very long time) where there is a turbine lease agreement. Would the existence of this agreement create any problems when the estate is settled? If a turbine is built and a neighbour launches a lawsuit, would the heirs be responsible for any settlement?

    • Some leases have a “first right of refusal” … which means that the wind company has the 1st option (before any relatives) to buy the farm when the owner dies… could be a lot of land owned by foreign companies in the future. Also if living conditions are bad, due to turbines, who but the wind company would buy the property??? … once again Ontario agricultural land goes to foreign interests…. Neighbours get pissed off enough to sue the landowner (already happening with the Wiggins case) and the landowner loses his land and his shirt…
      does that give you a bit of an idea about what a disaster signing a lease is???

  8. Great news but the unfortunate reality is that inertia is a bit__.

    I don’t know the history but assume the OFA was part of the GEA Alliance because they thought the GEA would be a one-way win for its members.

    I guess, to quote a certain, appropriately-villified pol, “there’s never a wrong time to do the right thing”.

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