Farm group calls for turbine halt
By John Miner, The London Free Press
In a major blow to the McGuinty government’s controversial green energy plan, the largest farm lobby group in the province has pulled the plug on its support for wind turbines. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture, which represents 37,000 farm families, issued a call Friday for the province to suspend wind turbine development. OFA President Mark Wales said industrial wind turbines have split rural communities, pitting neighbour against neighbour.  “The situation is untenable,” Wales said. “It is taking away from what farmers do best and that is grow food and create jobs.”

“We need to slow this down and put some calm out there and then government needs to resolve the issues.” Wales said technical solutions also need to be found before further development, such as how to store the energy from wind turbines when it is being produced but isn’t needed. Read article

13 thoughts on “OFA says MORATORIUM!

  1. The tide has begun to turn. I’ve felt it for a couple of weeks now. As more and more rural and small town Ontario residents join in the fight against McGuinty and his green energy gestapo, it was inevitable that our forces would only grow stronger and louder, causing a major shift! Hallelujah!

  2. While driving back from her slumber party –

    ‘[excerpt] But Jutta Splettstoesser, a Kincardine area farmer and president of Friends of Wind Ontario, said she was shocked to read the OFA position.

    “It was full of unfactual statements . . . I’m so disappointed,” she said.’

    p.s. Jetta needs ‘cold cloth’ for her head!

  3. Yes, Jutta’s so disappointed because there can be no denying that the cats out of the bag. The majority of farmers don’t support industrial wind turbine development otherwise the OFA would never have issued this position, and now Jutta can slip quietly back into irrelavance………………..good bye and good riddance.

  4. Wait! – OFA has something to say –

    ‘[excerpt] Wales said technical solutions also need to be found before further development, such as how to store the energy from wind turbines when it is being produced but isn’t needed.’

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  5. What a day! I am speechless. Even the newspaper comments under the article were all on our side, so obviously the truth has gotten out there. This has been a very long 3 years for me. From the moment my eyes opened in the morning until I fell asleep at night …one thought…got to stop this, got to stop this , got to stop this. Every time I looked out the window at our beautiful farm,,, got to stop this got to stop this. It ain’t over yet but I think we have them on the run so don’t let up on the throttle! Remember I invited all of you to our farm for a celebration when this nightmare is over? Well we are getting close…Bring your own everything! TEE HEE HEE.
    OH BTW… I will supply the peace and quiet, the wildlife and the stars in the sky.

      • I know what you mean, every morning, every night, every walk in the woods, every moment, a dark cloud. I feel like a bullied child. Let’s hope and pray.

  6. It gets even better, check out this letter to the editor from OFA president Mark Wales. An excerpt: “Our members have had enough. Rural Ontario cannot continue to be torn apart by wind turbines. The province needs to immediately suspend any further developments until our farm families and rural residents can be assured their interests are protected.”

  7. It’s good to see that OFA recognizes that we should stop and have a good look at where
    we are going with wind turbines. When we hear of neighbours suing each other because
    real estate values are being depressed by turbine contracts something has to happen.

    And right away!

  8. ‘[excerpt] Jane Wilson, president of the anti-wind turbine coalition Wind Concerns Ontario, called the OFA move surprising and gratifying.

    Wilson said the OFA, with its clout, will provide a boost to the coalition’s campaign.

    “A lot of rural communities are being just ripped apart by this issue,” said Wilson, adding it indicates the new OFA executive is listening to its farm members.’

    p.s. Yeah – Let’s keep a watchful eye!
    Let’s hope there’s a return to ‘traditional values’.

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