Wind turbines are blowing communities apart, farm group says

by John Spears, Toronto Star
Ontario should suspend awarding further contracts for large wind turbines, the province’s biggest farm organization says. “It’s tearing rural communities apart, so farmers can’t do what they do best, which is grow food,” OFA president Mark Wales said in an interview. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) issued a new position statement Friday calling for a pause to resolve questions about wind energy. Read article

1 thought on “Wind turbines are blowing communities apart, farm group says

  1. [Quote]Energy minister Chris Bentley says he’s looking for ways to provide more local input.

    In an interview before the OFA statement was released, Bentley said he’s like to increase local say “without major legislative or structural changes.”

    “I don’t know what the right approach is, but I’m confident there’s got to be an approach that can more effectively listen to people in ways they don’t believe they’ve been listened to before,” he said.

    “I think they have been listened to and heard, but that’s not always their perception.” [Unquote]

    I have never heard of the Liberals looking for more local input into the wind turbine issue. If he’d like to increase local say, but without major legislative or structural change, the two contradictory statements just don’t jive. Chris Bentley doesn’t know what the right approach is, but we’ve been trying to tell him for a long time now. He, and the Liberals, haven’t been listening at all. They’ve been gently telling us, “Thank-you for your input.” in different ways, and then go about doing what they want to do. And yes, Chris, my perception is that you may have heard, but didn’t really listen, and you certainly won’t do anything until your back is up against the wall. Can you feel the pressure building? Is your back getting closer to the wall? We even had George Smitherman telling us (not asking) that we should be taking more ownership, like 10% local ownership. This is not asking, this was still manipulation on behalf of the Liberal Government. Dalton McGuinty passed the GEA to avoid nimbyism. He just removed all obstacles so he could build his green image at our expense.

    My perception, Mr. Bently, is that the LIberal Government will say anything that is convenient, but still has no plans to make any changes. So quit with the placating statements. The MOE lawyer at the Zephyr preliminary hearing, and even since then, has been trying to dismiss the appeal so they can continue to raise the number of turbines in Ontario. So even as very recently, you have demonstrated that you don’t want to act, you just want to proceed to your objective. LIstening and hearing seems irrelevant. Yes, this is my perception, based on what I have observed.

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