Birds and Bird Habitats: Guidelines for Wind Power Projects

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The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has announced changes to the Birds and  Bird Habitats: Guidelines for Wind Power Projects as follows:

  • The  threshold for bird mortality has been lowered to 14 birds/ turbine/ year  (from 18 birds), to reflect the upper range of bird mortality at wind power  facilities in Ontario.  The threshold contained in the Draft Guideline was proposed based on the  range of bird mortality at wind power facilities in North America.
  • Information  on Important Bird Areas (IBAs), including their importance and their link to  significant wildlife habitats, has been added to the guide.
  • Monitoring  methods for evaluating bird significant wildlife habitat and  post-construction mortality monitoring have been revised to reflect  public/industry comments and scientific recommendations.
  • Data  submission procedures related to the Wind Energy Bird and Bat Monitoring  Database has been detailed.
  • Ecological  Effectiveness Monitoring Plan information requirements have been updated to  reflect the Ministry of the Environment’s Renewable Energy Approval  Regulation amendments of January 2011.

4 thoughts on “Birds and Bird Habitats: Guidelines for Wind Power Projects

  1. Notice that the upper limit is set at the highest number experienced in Ontario. That way the operator can say their rate is “within the range found in Ontario”. This is a pretty cynical. It is obvious the MNR really has no interest in protecting the birds, not if it gets in the way of the government’s friends making money.

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