Important Notice for People Who Live Close to Industrial Wind Turbines

Please read every paragraph of these instructions very carefully. It is important to understand and follow every single part.

It appears the position of the wind turbine industry in Ontario is becoming weaker everyday. Now is an important time to increase the pressure on the government to deal with all of the problems.

  • Call the Ontario Ministry of Environment ‘Spills’ number everyday that wind turbine noise is an issue for you.
  • The Spills Action Centre operates 24-hours a day and can be reached through a province-wide toll-free number: 1-800-268-6060.
  • Also send a regular, perhaps monthly letter or email to your regional Ministry of Environment office outlining your complaint and problems. Such as sleeping problems, headaches, dizziness, heart problems, etc. It is important that you stick with this, keep calling ‘Spills’ and writing until your issues are resolved. Do not stop sending in your complaints.
  • How to find your regional office:
    Contact your closest office from this link….fices/index.htm
  • In the late part of 2011 the Ontario Ministry of Environment has developed new noise testing equipment. When a person has a well-established record of complaints the MoE will bring this equipment to your house for a period of approximately 1 week. When the noise is an issue the resident of the house simply presses a button to take a 10-minute sample of the noise. Other noises can be filtered out of the raw data so only the wind turbine noise is evaluated.
  • When the Ministry of Environment staff comes to your house be polite and courteous to them. They are trying to help you. Please do not vent your frustrations on them. These people are not politicians. They are the staff that is also frustrated with many issues just as you are.
  • We have yet to hear any results of this testing but it is important to send all complaints in to let the Ontario Ministry of Environment know that noise is a wide spread problem. If the current laws are inadequate to deal with the noise issues a large number of complaints will put pressure on the MoE to adjust the laws to properly deal with these problems.
  • If you know others that have wind turbine noise problems please pass this information sheet along to them. If your neighbours have problems as well perhaps you can get together as a group to work with your regional Ministry of Environment office.

One of the biggest problems to date is the fact that people stop sending in complaints. This must change.

12 thoughts on “Important Notice for People Who Live Close to Industrial Wind Turbines

  1. I appreciate the directions from David and every effort made to alert MOE staff. Please, ****IMPORTANT***, remember to keep a daily diary of contact and calls made and of what’s happening to you as turbines spin along.
    Just a cautionary note to those in the middle of this mess; there are people over in the Amaranth area who have been extremely diligent in contacting the spills line, MOE staff, writing letters, etc. who, after THREE years, still have had absolutely no mitigation whatsoever.
    Not sure who spoke to David regarding a lack of complaints, and for sure, keep phoning in for as long as you can stand doing it, but even just counting the complaints called in that we knowof means there have been hundreds of calls in to spills action, not to mention thousands of complaints directly to ministry officials. In 2009, MOE rep for Amaranth area told Amaranth council that there had been over 300 complaints lodged.
    Sympathetic MOE staff have suddenly disappeared to another area or have been silenced when they’ve pushed for residents over here.

    • Ontario Ministers of the Environment, Source Wikipedia
      Leona Dombrowsky,Oct.23,2003-June 29,2005
      Laurel Broten, June 29,2005-Oct.27,2007
      John Gerretson, Oct.29,2007-Aug.18,2010
      John Wilkinson, Aug.18,2010-Oct.30,2011
      Jim Bradley,Oct.20,2011- to the present

    • Also let the company that owns the IWTs know there are “noise” issues with their turbines so they can’t say they never were informed of any issues with their IWTs.

  2. In the late part of 2011 the Ontario Ministry of Environment has developed new noise testing equipment.
    This testing has nothing to do with infra-sounds or low frequency noise I take it. Because I refused it because they said to me they cannot monitor those noises which for me is useless as i believe that is the problem in my case
    When the Ministry of Environment staff comes to your house be polite and courteous to them. That part is very hard to do now when in fact we are testifying in court against them because they approve these projects and they will not stop these projects on a precautionary principle and when going to court they are defending themselves on the side with Wind corps. Basically they are being an enemy of the people. Hard to be nice when you are being tortured by them and them letting this go on and on. They have jumped ship and they not doing there job to protect our rights to live in peace. They are useless clueless bunch of hypocrites sucking up to the big windies. Thats my angle and I quit calling them up, seems so useless when you know what side they are on.

  3. The MOE testing has contracted out testing to Aercoustics engineering. Don’t be fooled — Aercoustics is a member of CANWEA, and therefore is a signatory to the mission of CANWEA: to promote the proliferation of the wind industry. Go to the CANWEA website to confirm.

    John Harrison and others have written extensively about the very designed shortcomings of the MOE protocol. Once MOE gets access to your land, they will place a tower and record noise. They state clearly that they will not include gusts and sound anomolies in the analysis. Remember, they also ignore the cyclical nature of the turbine noise. They test for 7-10 days. If, in their analysis, the noise levels are “within Ontario guidelines” – which can exceed the 40 dBA with gusts — then they determine there to be no issue, and your CASE WILL BE CLOSED. In other words, you will not get a response from MOE for subsequent complaints following the initial test.

    MOE does not have the right to your land. Their test is wind industry designed, wind industry administered, wind industry analyzed and wind industry controlled. Do not be fooled. MOE protocol is CANWEA protocol. Aercoustics has the contract, and they are members of CANWEA. If you are in a Transalta owned factory site, expect to have Aercoustics at your door following a complaint — afterall, they were responsible for much of the computer-designed models used in the ERRs by Stantec and CREC. Do not be fooled. You are not obliged to allow MOE people on your land.

  4. This story and facts and how to list on this page should be vacated as soon as possible because you are playing to their puppet playing scheme. Like a cat with a mouse. Let us be the cat for a change. We are the suppose to be in charge of our ship not these public employees with their useless toys that we paid for..

  5. M.O.E.’s
    Full Disclosure = The Unknown Idea

    p.s. the healthy alternative – Ear-muffs!

  6. Unless the MOE can guarantee you all of the raw data (i.e. total Sound Power Levels) with acoustic recordings which in turn you can have analysed by an independent 3rd party certified acoustician of your choice, then I’m not interested in providing MOE a way to misrepresent what is happening at my location. Aercoustics was responsible for a noise report based on a complaint in CK in 2009. This report indicated that there was a 41 dBA tonal noise inside this complainants house which they could not correlate to the outside noise generated by the turbine. The conclusion, because they could not correlate, the noise problem was that of the complainants & not of the wind developer. They walked away, that was two years ago. I sat in on the advisory meetings for the MOE protocol, Their interest is not in finding out why residents are having problems, their interest is to develop a noise complaint process which will meet the present guidelines. The present guidelines are flawed because they only consider audible noise (dBA levels

    • File under ‘Dirty Tricks’!

      It’s an interesting exercise:
      MOE – using the Delphi Method – to form ‘expert consensus’

      Conclusion: A Delphi can be used for good – or ‘dirty tricks’!

  7. I have been following the instructions above. The youtube link is the current situation at my house since Jan 17, 2012.
    Everything I know about the situation is in the video. I believe the situation is only temporary, (it could change tomorrow, I do not know) Do not start any unsubstantiated rumors because you will likely be wrong.
    When I have facts I will pass them along

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