Turbines going up “a risk,” says Wind Action lawyer

By Heather Wright, Sarnia This Week
WATFORD – As the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal hearsarguments against a wind turbine development near Watford,the project is moving ahead.  Green Breeze Energy’s four turbine 10 megawatt project worth about $22 million is under construction now with the concrete forms already poured and the turbineswaiting in Windsor to be installed.  But the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group filed an appeal of the project.  Read article

3 thoughts on “Turbines going up “a risk,” says Wind Action lawyer

  1. ‘[excerpt] “At the same time the company is clearly on notice they’re building completely at their own risk because if the appeal is successful those turbines will likely have to be removed.”

    Gillespie says if the hearing continues long enough and Green Energy starts up the wind turbines, the wind action group may try to stop it.

    “That is an option. At this point, no decision has been made either way,” says Gillespie. “We have indicated to the tribunal that we may make that motion so it is on everyone’s radar.”‘

    p.s. Waiting for OFA to offer support – on this specific issue. It’s important!

    • We`ll be waiting a long time for that Free Thinker. It looks like they aren`t concerned with the IWTs already approved and with a FIT contract . Just throw all those poor innocent people under the bus I guess?
      Just heard an interveiw on CBC with Mark Whales He is only asking them not to issue any more FIT contracts, until some issues are resolved

  2. Hey Douglas Moran,
    OFA – has issues to resolve!
    Let’s all give that ‘some’ – thought!
    Ugh! ….that’s my thought!

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