Lake Huron Coastline if McGuinty gets his way…

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  1. OFA – a powerful lobby group – stuck on one ‘Press Release”
    Boy! Yup – that’s taken Ontario farmers in the right direction.
    Can we talk?
    No – we’re muzzled.

  2. Has anyone experienced any property devaluation since turbines were put up your area? If yes, then this should be promoted in the above regions.
    If not than we’d better not bring it up.
    My neighbourhoods property value (with corresponding higher prop taxes) went up last year and I made the mistake of admitting this during an open house. The jackals saw this opportunity and pounced on me, saying that this proves that turbines aren’t detrimental to a community!
    My 30 acres is worth more now I guess even though my view has been altered…

    • Rogerdodger – your assessed value (MPAC) is irrelevant
      to market value when you try to sell the property. If your
      30 acres is surrounded by turbines, good luck trying to
      find a buyer.

  3. ………with the sesmestic(sp) vibration from that lot we will have SALTY LAKES.
    I thought water was more important than oil………. Never mind!

  4. This map understates the effect of the damage, as it is only shows the Huron Co area. Just north Lucknow-Amberley line is Bruce Co, and the Ripley wind turbines already there, with plans for more IWT streching beyond Kincardine. The Armow IWT site has been upgraded with increased capacity since the election. It is hard to believe that people would pollute the most valuable cropland in.Ont. with these unsightly towers. The aim of McGuinty’s government is to get so many IWTs built that his program will be irreverible, he has not one single MPP in the entire region, only 1 in all rural Ont. I think the OFA is a bit late with their change of heart. Is there any way to halt this madness?

  5. The Journal,Queen’s University, Jan. 24,2006.An old article so Bing/Google “Winds of change blowing on Wolfe Island”
    Ian Baines quotations from this article:
    ” During the 1990s, he said, the Ontario government was convinced that an Ontario Hydro monopoly was the best option for provincial energy. He said the governmnet was actively working against his efforts and those of a handful of other renewable energy lobbyists who were also sitting on governmnet energy advisory boards”

    “Things changed when the most recent Liberal government took office”

    “During those years, Baines said, he also submitted repeated proposals to Ontario Hydro to find a way to sell the energy. In 1996, he led a class action lawsuit against Ontario Hydro on behalf of all renewable energy providers in the province to try to force the utility to buy energy.The suit was eventually defeated.”

    Since that time other methods have been employed to force renewable energy onto the province which so far have worked.



    • Members of the opposition are still regularly attacked. This is a letter to the London Free Press today:

      Experts report no link between turbines, health
      There is considerable debate about the relationship between wind turbines and human health effects.
      Despite the fact that many studies have been conducted worldwide to examine this relationship, the debate here at home is filled with misinformation. This makes it difficult for the public to determine which claims can be validated by scientific evidence and which cannot.
      We have recently published a peer-reviewed paper “Health effects and wind turbines: A review of the literature” (http://www.ehjournal. net/content/10/1/78) that does an in-depth review of the scientific and popular literature on the issue.
      While we concluded that noise from wind turbines can be annoying to some, we found no research to date that demonstrates a causal relationship between wind turbine noise and health effects.
      Variables like personal attitude and whether they can see a turbine from their home are more related to annoyance than noise from turbines. In other words, it appears that it is the change in the environment that is associated with reported health effects and not a turbine-specific variable like noise.
      Based on these findings, we encourage the public to make up their own mind on wind energy based on reputable and validated studies.
      Chris Ollson and Loren Knopper Intrinsik Environmental Sciences Mississauga

      I would go into detail but the authors of the review are a consulting company who have worked for wind companies.

      • You should have left a link to that company to highlight their wind power and noise expertise…

        Our Company

        Intrinsik is a professional services firm specializing in providing superior toxicology advice to clients across a wide range of industries.

        We are recognized as a leader in toxicology, risk assessment, and risk management consultation in Canada and around the world, covering a range of services areas from environmental to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

        Our vision is healthy people and natural ecosystems. We will achieve this vision by applying the best available scientific knowledge and expertise in our work to guide clients in making the right choices about health, safety and environmental quality.

        Our mission is to assist our clients by providing them with leading edge scientific knowledge and advice related to protection of human health and the environment.

        Lots of engineering and noise assessment expertise eh?

        I wouldn’t say anything, but the above makes it look like they are bringing relevant expertise to the debate. I would say that is not so…

    • I have a “Google Earth” of the Haldimand County proposed turbine locations. I will have to fix it up a bit because i was trying to put testimonial videos at the various locations, but could not get that to work properly.

  8. Well..there is silver lining in every cloud. The hoopla and fall out from all these turbines placed like a plague in such density will no doubt prove to the world that turbines make people sick! Then it will be too late for this area but might save all others from the same folly. I look forward to the day when we chop up all the wind turbines like so much cord wood. This picture is so shameful that there are no words. Hopefully a committee will form ahead of time and will begin to pick up all the dead bird carcasses and fed ex them to McGuinty’s office in the pink palace.

  9. Capital Power summary of the Kingsbridge 2 site outlines plans for 150 turbines jammed into the area shown on the map. It blithely states that since the operating “wind farm” is not expected to contribute greenhouse gases or other pollutants, “no public health concerns have been identified”
    It also quotes the Liberal party line from Alene King 2009, no scientific evidence of adverse health effects. See the summary here:

    • To begin with IWTs were imposed on Ontarians to make money and not to save planet earth. The “green” reasons are just a smoke screen to cover this fact up.
      URGE all to read and copy this article as proof as to how this all began. Bing/Google
      this article “Winds of change blowing over Wolfe Island”, THE JOURNAL, Queen’s University, Jan.24,2006 issue. This is an old article so the link to this article no longer works.
      Lawsuit was tried first which did not get IWTs in so other means have been used since that time on up to the Green Energy Act to force IWTs onto Ontarians.
      The perspective of this whole affair is coming to light and at least a broad picture of what has taken place can now be seen.

      • Reading the entire summary, I see no reference to any economic benefits, jobs, or other positive benefits for the township as a whole; the benefits will accrue to the shareholders of Capital Power and the handful of landowners holding the leases. The majority of residents in Ashfield-Colborne will get nothing but the harmful effects of this project, with no say whatsoever in its outcome. The general poulation of Ont. will get to pay the lavish sudidies to keep the company solvent.

  10. In “Google Earth” – type in Port Burwell, Ontario and you can see the actual turbines and the shadows they create. Zoom in on area along the lake between County Road 55 and Road #28. It is much better than many of the other areas because the Satelite image is very new. The Sandhills park area is a much older image so you will not get the full impact of turbines in that area.

    One thing I noticed is the lakeshore area is a lot less sparsely populated than in Haldimand and Norfolk areas, where plans are in place for close to 200 turbines, with the illness and house abandonment in Clear Creek at the rate it is, I just can imagine what the impact will be in our area.

    I have compiled a google earth turbine location map for Haldimand County – Capital Power, NextEra and Samsung locations.

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