Major blow to wind industry in Ontario

By John Miner, The London Free Press
The McGuinty government’s controversial green energy plan suffered a major blow Friday with the largest farm lobby group in the province pulling the plug on its support for wind turbines. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture, which represents 37,000 farm families, issued a call Friday for the province to suspend wind turbine development. OFA President Mark Wales said industrial wind turbines have split rural communities, pitting neighbour against neighbour. “The situation is untenable,” Wales said. “It is taking away from what farmers do best and that is grow food and create jobs.” Read article

7 thoughts on “Major blow to wind industry in Ontario

  1. Someone needs to call out Jutta Splettstoesser. She says “It was full of unfactual statements…” Such as?? More assertions without substantiation? At least the OFA has the decent sense to do the right thing and say ‘perhaps we were wrong’. As opposed to Chris Bentley who continues to spew the same ‘you need to feel good because I said so’ McShifty rhetoric. True leaders admit when there were wrong…cowards continue down a path of being wrong even if it means their own demise and the demise of those around them. Chris Bentley…perhaps you are wrong? There is still time to do the right thing.

    • Gears, you are right on in regards to “True leaders admit when they were wrong….” It took courage for OFA to take this new stance on wind. I am sure they have been getting an earful from angry farmers who signed up and now….?

      Nothing has changed yet though, folks. WE ALL need to keep pushing for what is right. Suspension, moratorium whatever you want to call it until studies are done and the unknowns are clarified. Keep at it. Don’t give up.

    • Randy,

      And a “feckless eeejit too!” Remember that? Even these years later your expression has me laughing.

      • As oblivious to the real world as most ‘lifer
        politicians’ are, even McGuinty must realize
        that he has been conned by the wind industry.
        Unfortunately this scam has passed the point of
        no return,when it come to these morons admitting
        they have made a mistake.

  2. Petra: What “unknowns” need to be clarified exactly?

    Can wind produce reliable power? No.
    Can wind produce power on demand? No.
    Can industrial wind provide affordable power without huge subsidies? No.
    Is is industrial wind energy a benign environmental energy production solution when compared to a host of others like hydro, nuclear and natural gas? No.
    Can wind reduce in any measurable way pollutants produced by other energy generation sources like coal for example? No.
    Can wind mitigate oil consumption in any measurable way? No.

    If anyone can provide ANY empirical evidence that humanity should be using industrial wind turbines FOR ANY purpose, I am most eager to see this evidence!

    It seems Petra that there are a great many “no’s” when it comes to IWTs but very few

    Truthfully for the only other way is ignorance…

    Sean Holt.

    • Not sure why you are arguing with me.
      I made it pretty clear that I want a moratorium until studies can be done.
      The “unknowns” are what we want clarified; just what you put in your comment.
      Since I just got out of the barn and had other things to do this morning that was just a short version of it.
      Spend your energy on other sites defending your position. I am already on your side.

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