Turbine development will be remembered as major boondoggle

“Who were the idiots that got us into all this mess?”
by Jim Shea Stratford Beacon Herald
Why is it our government “can’t seem to see the forest for the trees.” The rural people of Ontario were asking for a moratorium on wind turbines regarding issues such as health issues, increased setbacks, land devaluation even before the Green Energy Act was established. The ignorance of those who voted for it has caused genuine conflict right across our province. Is it because they haven’t got minds of their own or do they just follow their leader when he says, “Do as I say, not what I do”? His new bill aimed at preventing bullying should include: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Does rural Ontario ring a bell with him? If he’s going to walk the walk, he’d better talk the talk. Right Dalton?

The wind turbine company in charge of the St. Columban project has changed its name up to four times and it still hasn’t gotten a notice to proceed (NTP) contract. The company was first known as CASA then Pristine Power, then Fort Chicago and now its present name is Veresen. There are also many more turbine companies across the province carrying on the same way.

Twenty years from now, no doubt we will have new members on our municipal board and a new slate of MPPs in our provincial government and the question they will be asking is: “Who were the idiots that got us into all this mess?”

These rusting, worn-out dinosaurs of turbines that cover our province, once known by the motto “Keep Ontario Beautiful,” will now be known as the “Scrapyard of Junk” anchored in the ground with dozens of loads of concrete.

The wind turbines which blanket rural Ontario are now and forever will be known as a curse to those who have to live among them, and to those who bear the responsibility, I say, “Only a fool would sign a go-ahead project of this magnitude of non-efficiency!”

Remember, I didn’t say you were a fool, but if you sign it, you will be remembered as just that.


7 thoughts on “Turbine development will be remembered as major boondoggle

  1. Here is how we (in the States) feel about our politicians who do the same thing.
    I believe these political figures and those that support them are guilty of gross ineptitude, guilty of a lack of due diligence, guilty of a lack of a vision for the future, and guilty of unethical behavior towards the public they are to serve. They believe, like Mao, that the ends justify the means. They place faith in those that are driven by greed, while displaying a lack of faith in their own people. They put themselves on pedestals from which they determine that they know better than the people they are to serve. They are like lemmings, if one will jump into the ocean the rest will follow because, surely the leader knows best. There are few that are as short sighted as those that willingly sell off natural beauty, environmental peace, public safety, and the welfare of their people. History tells us that this boondoggle will haunt our children and their children. These politicians are un-American dupes of their own unwavering belief that they know better than all of us. They are legends in their own minds. They are blind, deaf, and dumb to the future that they are stealing from their own children and their main motivation is money for the state and security in their political wellbeing. They do NOT deserve the positions they hold for they have broken the trust of the people.

    • Hey Mike,
      you say,
      ‘They believe, like Mao, that the ends justify the means.’
      Yeah – that’s the Ontario Liberals’ mindset – the government knows best. Ugh!
      I watch everyday – personally, I thought
      Rick and Michelle would have been great together.
      He wasn’t a strong debater – they say – oh well
      Texas is booming!
      She knew her foreign stuff.
      They could have surrounded themselves with great people, and pushed the U.S. back from the brink.
      Some say – this is the biggest election ever.
      Canada depends on a positive outcome – in the right direction.
      let’s hope – we’re watching

      p.s. California and Ontario – Sisters!

      • This will certainly be a critical election but I am afraid that we might get our usual choice of dumb or dumber. If the Republicans were smart they would nominate a dark horse candidate during the convention. That would totally throw off the Obama team. I too think Rick and Michelle would have been good. Romney has baggage in the form of his state’s health care. Newt is an old time bureaucrat, and I am tired of professional politicians. It’s goiing to be a bumpy ride no matter what.

      • Hey Mike,
        Stay positive – always!
        There’s a better day coming!

  2. The end of this scam is beginning to show as Solar plants close, FIT programs get cut and Government’s who have based their whole election platform on some green Nirvana that will never exist are losing their jobs……trouble is, it isn’t happening fast enough to save our once beautiful Province which is being turned into a huge junk yard full of crap!
    My legacy to McGuinty and his Gang will be that my son and his son will know who these “interlopers” were and when they drive by these hulking masses of garbage they will not have to search for the names of the people responsible for them, they will KNOW it was McGuinty, Smitherman, Duncan, Bentley, Duguid, and all the Wind Development Companies that are bankrupt and just debts on the taxpayers balance sheets!

    • I agree that moonbeam dreamers are not losing their jobs fast enough. I, like you will do everything I can to ensure that my children will know the names of those that are building these monuments of stupidity. Those monuments will serve as a reminder of who we should not vote for. When our groups go before a decision making body we each get 2 minutes to give our views. We now end those statements with, “You vote will determine our vote.”
      Keep up the fight.

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