Rural leverage empowers OFA

By Bruce Corcoran, Chatham Daily News
Just what agenda is Mark Wales and the Ontario Federation of Agriculture following these days? Wind turbine proponents, including Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope, are blown over by the OFA’s about face on wind turbines. Suddenly, with Wales on board as president, the OFA went from fan of the spinning blades of renewable energy to a group that wants to pull the plug on these projects.    Why?  Read article

20 thoughts on “Rural leverage empowers OFA

  1. What agenda is the OFA following? I’d like to think that they considered the actual results to date of McGuinty’s experiment as described and documented in the Auditor General’s report.

    The AG’s report says: 1) Industrial wind is far more expensive than McGuinty said at the outset; 2) Industrial wind is unreliable and therefore requires new gas-fired generation on virtually a MW-for-MW basis; 3) industrial wind does NOT reduced CO2 emissions; 4) “green” jobs are a fantasy; 5) industrial wind is having unstudied social implications; and 6) industrial wind is causing unstudied health implications; so it would be a good idea to think things through a little better.

    Mayor Hope evidently hasn’t read the Auditor General’s report. He should, and then he’d understand why reconsideration is entirely appropriate.

  2. The OFA is playing both sides here trying to re-establish their “legitimacy” as an organization that supports farmers!
    Too late!…………..this group has been hijacked by McGuinty, CANWEA and OSEA and has their heads up their arse!……………..Blacklist this organization….actually it should be included in lawsuit hat will eventually be issued against these players in the biggest scam ever to be unleashed on the public!!!!

    • I somewhat agree. Not sure about blacklisting the OFA, etc. but it’s very true that the horse has left the barn and the OFA now appears to be playing both sides of the street.

      I now have to go away and think up more mixed metaphors.

    • OFA to solve problem –
      Consensus is the business of politics –
      political solutions to a problematic issue

      We’re watching!

      • As of 11:56 am EST on January 26, the poll was 72.4% in favour of the OFA’s new stances.

        Are green trolls trying to turn the tide ?

  3. OFA – getting by with a little help

    December 5-2011

    By Mark Wales, President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

    We must stand together for green energy (2011)

    Note: OFA must continue to present a strong voice for farm businesses at the energy table –

    as consumers of energy and in securing the opportunity to be an energy producer.

    January 20 – 2012

    OFA – Flips and Spins

    Note: “The situation is untenable,” Wales said.

    “It is taking away from what farmers do best and that is grow food and create jobs.”

    p.s. OFA – stuck on – food-energy ‘bull$$it! – You be the judge!

    Spin – OFA – Spin

  4. The sad part of all of this IWT scheme is that the NDP is now proping this up and helping to make IWT developers filthy rich off the backs of all Ontarians.

  5. I wish the OFA would be less hypocritical with their anti wind stance. If it’s storage and price they’re worried about then why not apply that same rhetoric to solar panels which we are still paying 64-80 cents for!!
    That might upset too many farmers who actually invested their own (or borrowed) money on microfit!! Can’t touch that one!
    Stay consistant OFA or you’ll be the next CFFO or NFU!!

  6. I think some of the OFA members are probably upset because with turbines allowed so close to property lines if you’re a non-participating neighbour with-in the 550 M you could be denied the right to develop your land.

  7. Mayor Randy Hope…
    that should really be changed to Hopeless.
    He was recently asked if he was proud of creating the largest red light district north of Texas and he just walked away.

  8. (My comment from a few days ago …)

    Great news but the unfortunate reality is that inertia is a bit__.

    I don’t know the history but assume the OFA was part of the GEA Alliance because they thought the GEA would be a one-way win for its members.

    I guess, to quote a certain, appropriately-villified pol, “there’s never a wrong time to do the right thing”.

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