Zephyr project under construction despite Appeal

Zephyr wind project near Watford, Ontario

The crane got stuck on on the township’s corner road.

Today was ‘repair’ day.

7 thoughts on “Zephyr project under construction despite Appeal

  1. If we want to put up a building (for example) and it was appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board, no construction could take place until after the OMB Hearing. Amazing how Industrial Wind Turbines can be exempt from this and everthing else, it seems. I wonder what foreign wind farm companies promise governments here and around the world to get them to bend the laws and citizen’s rights. It makes you wonder how these so-called intelligent MPP’s can be duped so badly when the everyday person can see through the scam. The Auditor General saw through it as well and that apparently didn’t make any difference because the Liberals just keep on like they’re right and everyone else is just getting in their way.

    • What is equally disturbing is the fact that Green
      Breeze (in proceeding with the construction) cannot
      be overly concerned with the eventual outcome of
      the appeal. It does make one wonder.

  2. “cannot be overly concerned with the eventual outcome of
    the appeal.”

    Excellent point. This history of this fiasco will go down as rotten from the bottom right on to the top.

  3. In Vermont, First Wind and GMP both continued construction before appeals were ruled on. First Wind finished construction and the appeal was considered moot. GMP is constructing the Lowell wind project in spite of appeals and a land ownership dispute.
    They all seem to know the fix is in.

    • One could assume that the IWT scheme works the about the same way in affected states as it does in Ontario.

  4. I assume that once the cement is poured even though there could be a cease and desist order along the way, the damage has already been done…………….if you or I even attempted to put in footings for a storage shed without an O.K. we would be in jail!!!!!

  5. Watford is home to many firsts. This town is surrounded by CANADA’s largest dump and now some lovely Industrial Wind Turbines. Anyone want to retire to this little rural town? The signs inviting people to come to Watford are very similar to headstones 😉

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