Adelaide Metcalfe council urged to repeal building fee

by Debora Van Brenk, London Free Press
Wind-turbine opponents are demanding Adelaide Metcalfe council repeal a new turbine-building fee it imposed unexpectedly and without notifying them.The rural township west of Strathroy, where two companies are proposing to build 68 wind turbines, approved a $10,000-per-turbine fee at a Jan. 16 meeting.Last month, scores of people attended a council meeting to ask the fee charged be even higher than that.The issue was set aside so staff could learn what other municipalities charge.”I was flabbergasted,” said activist Esther Wrightman, to discover from a councillor’s Facebook page that in one night council had proposed, debated, approved and passed into bylaw the new fees. “I didn’t believe it at first.” Read article

2 thoughts on “Adelaide Metcalfe council urged to repeal building fee

  1. What a surprise! NOT! Comments coming from a mayor with a major interest in getting the windfarms!$$$$$$people with their hands in the cookie jar shouldnt even be able to participate in these huge decisions! And the overpaid clerk barely took a minute to get the proper info needed, my 10 yr old son could do more! Its sad that volenteers do more, care more then most of the municical staff here! I was at the last meeting with over 80 people, as I recall, the vote was tabled and there would be another meeting. What LIARS you are, SHAME ON YOU!!! This was the only thing we had any say in sharing an opinion in, and you dont like the heat so you muted us some more. This will only send the message to even more wind farms interested in our small ” cheap ” township. What wasnt the 4 companies on our back enough??
    The clerk should lose her job as she cant seem to do even the smallest of tasks such as posting a meeting as important as this! Sneaky, backstabbing you all should put your resumes in to be a wind rep. After the next election your gonna need a new job!!!

  2. Councils that don’t have the back bone to publish issues like Wind Turbine by laws and fee structures should be banned from having any access to taxpayers money until they can prove they are “honest and following the rules”!……..If every single taxpayer withheld their tax payments I’m sure that would stir things up. This suggestion has been made before. Set up a bank account under a name such as “Tax Dollars Held In Trust” and deposit your tax dollars in that account and send the Township a copy of each payment to show them that “their” money will be held until “Trust” has been re-established with regards to the management of your dollars for township business!

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