Firm offers to be test subject for wind projects

By Peter Hendra, The Whig-Standard
If the Ontario government wants to study the effects of offshore wind projects before it lifts its moratorium on them, Windstream Energy Inc. boss Ian Baines says he knows of a suitable test subject — his company’s proposed Wolfe Island shoals project.  “The government, as we understand it, wants the moratorium to remain in place so they can study the science,” Baines offered Wednesday, “but they have to have an actual project to study. 

“We’re offering our project.” Read article

11 thoughts on “Firm offers to be test subject for wind projects

  1. Thanks for your generous offer Baines,
    but no studies required, we already
    know your IWT’s are useless.

  2. “The government, as we understand it”
    Baines reminds me of a slithering snake waiting under his rock(turbine) for rodent to pass by.
    He is in major damage control and this is all he can come up with?
    Mr. Baines, drop by Clear Creek ON. and stay awhile, lots of science there.
    even onshore it’s plenty of study.

  3. Windstream Energy:
    Managing the solution – Let’s test damage!

    A ‘Firm’ message from [intentionally empty],
    (first thing you know – Jed’s a billionaire)

    ‘[excerpt] “Our contract is with the Ontario Power Authority,” Baines explained.
    “The moratorium is from the Ministry of the Environment.

    The Ontario Power Authority provided us with the contract, and we have obligations under that contract.”

    Windstream, Baines admitted, is “a little” stuck between the two bodies.
    He hopes that designating the Wolfe Island shoals proposal a pilot project will satisfy both.

    The company, whose headquarters in the United States has put a multimillion-dollar deposit on the project,
    and the deadline for the project’s completion is 2016.

    While he has never spoken against the government-imposed moratorium,
    failing to get the project moving again could have a detrimental effect, Baines said.

    “You have foreign investors who want to create jobs doing what the government is asking them to do,” he explained.

    “They’ve been put on hold for a year. How long will people wait?”

    Despite the lengthy wait, Baines said he remains “cautiously optimistic” about the project.

    “We see a win-win, where the government and public get the detailed study they want,” he said,
    “and only when they’re satisfied does the thing go forward.”’

    p.s. Get Rid of the OPA!

  4. I just love it when Baines talks about have “an obligation” to produce power. I haven’t seen the contract the OPA offered, but unless it contains enforceable penalties for not producing the power contracted for, Baines is just lying about the obligation.

    • One day a few years back when Ian Baines ,who didn’t even live on Wolfe Island, was walking along the riverfront he thought Wolfe Island would be a great place to install IWTs

  5. This guy is just scrambling and making idiotic claims to save his”investment” which is in serious trouble. The next thing will be the hiring of a bevy of lawyers and lawsuits being issued against US for his expected losses!
    Nice “partnership” with the Province!

  6. Baines provided the exact same offer when environmental concerns were raised about the Wolfe Island project — damage to wetlands, destruction of grassland habitat, Level 4 Highest Concern globally and continentally significant migratory route. He and John Gerretsen (conveniently moved by the premier to “minister of environment”) performed a similar dance — make Wolfe Island a “test” case for massive development in a Level 4 IBA. Well, we know the result: highest bird and bat mortality in North America, 14 birds per and more than 20 bats per. Not to mention the devastation of grassland habitat and species at risk (currently bobolink and burrowing owls) disappearing from the island. So Baines and Gerretsen already have the results from the “experiment.”

    The Wolfe Island plant was the first step toward the real project — the estuary and fish breeding, ancient shoals of the lake. And Transalta is waiting to pump the power through their cable. Sweet for Baines — he writes our environmental laws and Gerretsen signs them. Nice partnership.

    Wish the Environmental Commissioner would do the right thing and condemn this project — but then again, his buddy from Kingston, former leader of the provincial Libs is now at the helm of the federal Libs. The more things change; the more they stay the same. This is John Gerretsen’s baby (and his son is doing his level best ot ensure Daddy’s pet project continues). Wolfe Island suffers, and Ontario loses the last vestige of pristine shoreline, fishing, not to mention the Big Sandy Bay Conservation Area.

    Shame on employees of the Ministry of Natural Resources. Shame on the MOE. Shame on John Gerretsen. As for Ian Baines, he has no shame

    • You’re absolutely ‘spot on’ – the privileged politicians – & friends!

      Kingston is hosting their very own
      ‘Cancun – Lovefest’ –
      this week end.

      Sounds Rich!

    • Ontario Ministers of Natural Resources, Source Wikipedia
      David Ramsey, Oct. 23,2003-2007
      Donna Cansfield, Oct.30,2007-June 18,2010
      Linda Jeffrey, June 18,2010-Oct.10,2011
      Michael Granvelle, Oct.20,2011-Present

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