Ontario government’s criminal negligence

Many homes in Ontario are closer than 400m to turbines (pre-GEA approval)
Vesta Turbine Operating Manual
(page 3) 2. Stay and Traffic by the Turbine

  • Do not stay within a radius of 400m (1300ft) from the turbine unless it is necessary. If you have to inspect an operating turbine from the ground, do not stay under the rotor plane but observe the rotor from the front.
  • Make sure that children do not stay by or play nearby the turbine. If necessary, fence the foundation.

7 thoughts on “Ontario government’s criminal negligence

  1. “Many homes in Ontario are closer … (pre-GEA construction)” isn’t correct. The CAW turbine is being constructed NOW, and it’s closer because it has “pre-GEA APPROVAL.” This makes no difference to Ken (one rule for you, different rules for me) Lewenza, of course, even though he would go ballistic if somebody tried to ram old standards regarding ANYTHING down his throat.

    • Thanks for pointing that out, Trevor.

      Yes, the project nearest my home was also constructed after the GEA but approved prior so they didn’t have to follow any rules. I’ve changed construction to “approval”.

  2. Yep next era places thiers it seems 100 m in from the road in on your land not even signed. Its apparently allowed for them to guess where they want your future home, barn, to be. My property has been encroached up to 9 acres! They are building them across the rd so they can build much closer then 550m if they set your “dots/ future homes” way back on your own land. Its pure robbery but their doing it in our township, check your project site plans people and you’ll see it for yourself!

    • Building IWTs and operating them could be two separate issues. Some of the safety issues are different when IWTs are operational.
      IWTs too close to any roads should lead to road closure for safety reasons. People should gather this distance information like KAL has.

      • The 400 meter safety radius at the very least least implies that the turbines are already completed and operational. If fencing is required then some roads may have to be fenced off as well if not 400 meters from a public road.

  3. The 35 story CAW turbine is 178 meters from the center of Bruce County Road 25 which is used by thousands of people daily and forms part of the winter route to Bruce Power when Hwy 21 is closed. It’s 200 m from nearest home, 180 metres from their own hotel rooms, 15 metres from kid’s soccer fields and 500 m from our famous public beach at Gobles Grove, 800 m from new YMCA Daycare Centre, 1500 m from 2 elementary schools, 2,000 m from the high school, 600 m from a seniors complex, 700 m from a church, 800 m from a large apartment building, 1,100 m from the new Smartcentre with Walmart, Canadian Tire and Tim Hortons.

    100 families live inside 550 m, 4,000 people live within 2,000 m

    Today Ken Lewenza states in the Toronto Star ” I have no second thoughts on the project ”

    Earth to Ken. Conservatively a $100M property devaluation class action lawsuit.

    S.T.O.P. ( Saugeen Shores Turbine Operation Policy )

  4. Greg,
    “Earth to Ken. Conservatively a $100M property devaluation class action lawsuit.”
    This is the only language any one, any farmer. any supporting group, any government whomever personal understands and will change cause their actions to change……go to it.

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