On green energy, the PM was right. His critics were wrong

by Lorrie Goldstien, Toronto Sun
If Canada’s “green” media — especially in the Parliamentary Press Gallery — demanded the same standards of accountability of themselves as they do of politicians, they would be killing entire forests right now apologizing to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Why? Because in sidestepping the economically suicidal stampede onto the green energy bandwagon which they relentlessly shilled for, Harper was right and they — along with the Liberals, NDP, Bloc and Greens — were wrong.  Read article

9 thoughts on “On green energy, the PM was right. His critics were wrong

  1. if James Lovelock is condemning these monstrosities then idiot Dalton had better pay attention. Lovelock invented the Gaia theory of nature and was some kind of major guru/god to the greenies. This was the philosophical foundation for the entire green movement in many ways.
    Of course, now he’ll probably be regarded as an infidel and traitor.

  2. I don’t get it. Where do the federal Conservatives stand on this whole energy fiasco? Crawley and IPC were darn proud to announce the $11 million federal grant they were going to receive when they held their ribbon-cutting ceremony in Harrow in the summer of 2010. And where is the federal gov’t on health issues from IWTs? Face it, Harper’s complicit in this fraud and negligence. For shame.

    • Does anyone know when the federal grant program began? Anyway $11M is now sunk into the Harrow project to make IWT developers even richer and to a company that is partly owned by the French government.

      • ecoEnergy for Renewable Power, Government of Canada
        http://www.ecoaction.gc.ca/index-eng.cfm, > ecoenergy> renewable power for list of 104 projects that received funding under the $1.4B program spread over 14 years. Many Ontario wind power projects received some of this money. Program launched Apr.2007 but the first grant was given 03/07. Grant project program ended Mar.31,2011

      • ecoENERGY programs were brought in under the Liberal party, http://www.liberal.ca and Search: ecoENERGY.

        Federal grant money is involved in many Ontario IWT projects and as such are the business of the federal government in regards to health & safety issues with these wind projects.

        Also another example of transfering ordinary peoples’ federal tax money to wind developers.

      • The Harper governmnet discontinued the ecoENERGY programs.

  3. The federal gov’t has always been responsible for health and safety of new products. The saying, “better late than never” might not hold in this case, if it is true that Health Canada is considering adopting the Ontario regulations re setbacks.

    Also, consider this: when Crawley and IPC Inc. received their eco-energy grant that they announced at their Harrow ribbon-cutting, this was more than a year after Norfolk Victims of IWTs had started informing our MP, Diane Finley, Conservative and Cabinet Minister, of our adverse health effects from Crawley’s company’s wind turbines in Norfolk. The Finley’s (both) have ignored us since day 1, (except for when Senator Finley had the audacity to comment on our “PR strategy” following one of Stephana Johnston’s deputations to Norfolk County.) So, it’s hard to see the Harper government as anything but complicit in this negligence.

  4. Thank you Barbara for all of your hard work researching. It is invaluable. Have you kept a database of all the information you’ve posted, by chance? If you have, I’d love to get my hands on it and start drawing the connections of this incestuous, fraudulent green consortium.

    If you haven’t, we’d all benefit from somebody spending the time to go through the past OWR articles and simply copying and pasting the text of your posts into one document.

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