A north wind doth blow . . . (III)

by Rob Bredin, Orangeville Citizen
Excerpt: Premier McGuinty’s metier has been, by and large, eco-industrial myth-making; but this myth-making is deep within the political D.N.A. of the modern Liberal establishment. The new Liberal Party of Canada president is Mike “The Wind” Crawley, Toronto-based Ontario C.E.O. of AIM Power (IPC) Corporation, which has put turbines into, or proposed them for, the provincial ridings of Essex, Haldimand-Norfolk, and Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, where people are either sick of them or made sick by them, as has been the case in northern Dufferin County.  Read article

7 thoughts on “A north wind doth blow . . . (III)

  1. ‘[excerpt] To re-make a line from an old poem (and from an older, wiser Book), Mr. McGuinty has, Esau-like, “sold our posterity for a mess of Wind.” ‘

    How true!

  2. Rob Bredin understands this whole Ontario IWT situation. In the present situation large amounts of money are being transfered from ordinary people to enrich a few.Changing provincial laws enabled this to happen which then forced the province to buy electricity at very high prices from renewable energy producers and pass these costs onto consumers.

    • Yet Crawley was able to win the presidency of the LPC against much better known Sheila Copps, without even marginal commentary of his role in the Ont. wind deacle. The least I saw mentioned of him was that he was a “wind company executive”. That and a geat deal more.

  3. As Barb says …
    In the present situation large amounts of money are being transferred from ordinary people (the 99 percent) to enrich a few (the 1 percent).
    Strange then that most of the protesters who purport to weep for the 99 percent (victims of society) are too busy worshipping David Suzuki et al to see the whole folly of this “green” scam.
    Occupy this … or better still, do a bit of research before setting up your tent.

  4. ‘Occupy this…or better still, do a bit of reseach before setting up your tent.
    Good advice, ScepticalGord ! If these ‘Occupy’ people did any research at all,they`d be protesting not praising, anti-environment idiots like David Suzuki / Al Gore et al. In fact, they would realize, that from a political standpoint, P.M.Harper is their best friend. The smartest leader, of the best country in the world, environmentally & economically.
    With ‘Turbine Mike’ Crawley, now firmly placed in the presidents chair of the federal Lying Liberals, watch for ‘Crooked Dalton’ McGuilty, taking a run for P.M. After all, Crawley owes McGuinty big time, for setting him up in the wind business. I`d be almost willing to bet that they are partners in the business, but McGuilty must of course, stay very much a silent, untracable partner, until he steps down from office, then he`ll slowly slide into his new position in the business.
    Can you imagine the damage McGuinty (Dalton or David), would/will do to our great country, if he/they get thier corrupt paws on the controls? It won`t be pretty!

  5. Erieau & East Lake St. Clair Wind Projects, Reuters,Aug.8,2011
    Projects expected to be complete early 2013 with cost of each project C$300M. Will produce 12 permament jobs to run both projects.
    The IP GDF Suez merger was completed Feb.3,2011 and they had two projects going in~ 7 months.Projects maybe started under IP and transfered to IP GDF Suez.
    Source of financing is listed as private and as is unknown at this time. However, this stock is traded on the London Excahnge so this should be public information.
    Torys LLP, http://www.torys.com/OurTeam/Pages/RogerDonaldB.aspx
    Scroll down to the 2011 East Lake St. Clair and Erieau Wind Energy Projects.

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