IESO: Cutting Wind Power Cuts CO2 Emissions

By Tom Adams
According to the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator, reducing wind power output during now common surplus supply conditions will save megatonnes of CO2 emissions. Not only will cutting wind power cut emissions but consumers will save millions of dollars too. Consumers save despite Ontario wind generators getting paid for power they could have produced when consumers can’t use their power.  The root cause for these counter intuitive results is that wind power’s production characteristics are mostly out of sync with consumer needs. Given the production and demand characteristics of the rest of Ontario’s power system, wind power has grown to the point where it has become toxic to the system. Read article

2 thoughts on “IESO: Cutting Wind Power Cuts CO2 Emissions

  1. Someone might want to send this to Kris Steven’s at OSEA and ask him what he has to say about his “save the world” rhetoric on Wind Power and how it lowers C02 emissions!
    Let’s see him “spin” this one!

  2. Thanks again toTom Adams for trying to keep this government in the real world. We’ve got big challenges fiscally and environmentally and instead of letting us honestly deal with them, McGuinty lets his spin experts fabricate a reality to fit his poorly considered decisions.

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