Don’t make Wolfe Islanders test subjects

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The story “Firm offers to be test subject for wind projects” (Jan. 26) reminded me of a funny story. A man is asked by police to be a decoy in a sting operation. He’s told it may be dangerous so they give him a bullet-proof vest. The man is shot and saved by the vest. His friend remarks, “That was brave of you, but dumb. What if they had shot you in the face?” The police officer pipes up, “Sir, that was a risk we were willing to take!”

It’s a scene from the movie Dumb and Dumber, and it comes to mind in light of Ian Baines’ offer to subject Wolfe Island’s non-participating residents to 100 offshore turbines for an overall total of 186 turbines on or near our community, which is dumb.

Mr. Baines’ unethical offer to Queen’s, McMaster, St. Lawrence and Mohawk College to entertain a fully funded study using islanders as his personal crash test dummies is dumber.

Sir, that is a risk we are not willing to take.

Janet White
Wolfe Island

4 thoughts on “Don’t make Wolfe Islanders test subjects

  1. I cannot believe how low these greed mongers’ will go.
    Go away Baines.
    We don’t want any more destructive wind turbines ANYWHERE!

  2. Is he planning on using only people hosting IWTs who also have gag orders and can’t speak freely?

  3. Ian, It’s obvious that you don’t have enough to do. Get a job and get off welfare.

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