Amherst Island – A Shot Across the Bow

Eric Gillespie

Eric Gillespie Letter to Algonquin
Amherst Island Wind Info
Eric Gillespie is a lawyer who has been deeply involved in bringing legal action against both wind developers and the government for their disregard for the damage they are doing to the health of the neighbors of their projects. For example, he was the lead attorney in the Kent Breeze suit, which for the first time forced a government body to acknowledge that “The evidence presented to the Tribunal demonstrates that they can [cause harm to humans], if facilities are placed too close to residents.” Unfortunately, the legal bar set by the GEA is that the residents must prove that the project will be harmful, a bar that is almost impossible to clear, at least until the project is actually built and placed into operation. Once the project is in place and if harm does occur then we’re into another and potentially uglier legal morass, one that is being initiated as I write.  Read entire article at AI Wind Info

3 thoughts on “Amherst Island – A Shot Across the Bow

  1. It’s far better to prevent the legal morass than it is to repair the damages later.
    Has Eric Gillespie looked into the operational safey issues involved with IWTs? These are dangerous machines to be located near anyone’s property and close to road right-of-ways.
    These IWT safety issues are not difficult to prove now.

  2. Is it not about time for a class action lawsuit against the government, Wind Companies and land owners for all those that have been injured because of IWT.s? Also what about the animals that have and are suffering.

  3. I believe that it is about time that the public at large is made aware of the danger of these wt and how we have been miss informed about how great they are for the environment. The bottom line is that studies have proven over and over that they will do more damage to the environment than what we have lead to believe. Say no to wind mills.

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