OFA looking out for property owners”suffering in silence”

by Harvey Wrightman Kincardine News
The OFA recently called for a suspension of FIT contracts until the noise and electrical issues of wind turbines are settled (good on them).  Further the OFA is very concerned about the community strife that these projects are causing, pitting neighbour against neighbour.  As the statement says, “We are hearing very clearly from our members that the wind turbine situation is coming to a head – seriously dividing rural communities and even jeopardizing farm succession planning.”  So, the OFA, Liberal red to the core has abruptly thrown down the gauntlet and the Liberal caucus had no plan for war with its last ally in rural Ontario. What really made the OFA do this?  Read article

4 thoughts on “OFA looking out for property owners”suffering in silence”

  1. Thanks for the info Harvey. I`ve been wondering about this situation. The OFAs Liberal Red pedigree, I`d kind of suspected, considering their support in the fall election and that nasty G.E.A. involvement and………..

  2. OFA – Fix it scheme

    The Facts please:

    TORONTO, Nov. 18 /CNW/ –
    Farmers on the Greenbelt can now do more than produce healthy, local food: they can do their part to reduce emissions.
    Thanks to the Greenbelt Green Energy Program for Agriculture, growers and producers located on the greenbelt
    will receive financial support for green energy generation and conservation measures, energy audits and more.

    Playing with a List of Friends

    p.s. Who’s kidding who?

  3. Rural Ontarians are being forced to play “Russian roulette” with IWTs as neighbours and as they travel along rural roads. These are dangerous machines that can throw/shoot objects just like a cannon does.

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