Silence of the greens: Media, opposition, too embarrassed to admit they blew it

by Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun
If Canada’s “green” media covered the Costa Concordia disaster in Europe the same way they are Europe’s green energy disaster, we’d never have heard of it. That’s because they, along with the federal opposition parties, spent so long shilling for green energy without knowing what they were talking about, the reality of what’s happening is just too embarrassing for them to admit. So they stubbornly ignore the story. But the stories keep coming.  Read article

4 thoughts on “Silence of the greens: Media, opposition, too embarrassed to admit they blew it

  1. Silence on the part of the GTA MSM helps to ensure that foreign investors won’t find out that there is increasing resistance to renewable energy projects here. Keeps the flow of money coming in to finance these projects. Even hints of trouble could cut off the financing of these projects.

  2. Wind developers’ know all too well that there is
    resistance. Its a race against time. What can
    they get away with before the scam implodes.

    • Adverse information published by the MSM about IWTs in Ontario could cause renewable energy stocks traded on the TSX to drop in price like a stone.

  3. I’m referring to the second last paragraph of the article:

    Is this the dollar value paid to wind developers in the form of contracts signed by the Liberals that we’re on the hook for?

    Is this the reason the Ontario Liberals won’t accept the reality of those opposed to wind energy?

    Liberalism is ruining Ontario.

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