Anti-turbine group seeks health contract

By Denis Langlois, Owen Sound Sun Times
An anti-turbine group in Port Elgin wants more than just assurances that a new CAW wind turbine will not make people sick.  Greg Schmalz, spokesman for STOP, said the group wants the Canadian Auto Workers Union to commit, in a legally binding agreement, to shut down the turbine if the health of residents is negatively impacted. Read article

11 thoughts on “Anti-turbine group seeks health contract

  1. “Noise”/sound is not the only issue with IWTs. “Noise” health issues may not be immediate but the dangers posed by operating IWTs is immediate to people living at an unsafe distance from IWTs.
    Property located at an unsafe operational distance from IWTs becomes encumbered property and not saleable because of the dangers IWTs impose on people living on this property.
    Signing an agreement based on “noise” health issues does not protect property owners living at an unsafe distance from IWTs.

    • The bony bird parts/fragments thrown off from turbine blades are just like shrapnel and just as dangerous.

      • Bone has been used for arrowheads,spears and darts for centuries. IWT operational safety issues cannot be ignored.

    • Some may be confused as to the two different issues involved here. One is safety and the other is health. These are separate issues in regards to the placement of IWTs. The health effects extend out very much farther in distance than the safety issues. So enforcing the safety distance does not include the health issue distances.As one includes flying debris dangers and the other is a ‘noise”/sound health issue.

      • For safety reasons hosting IWT properties would need to be ~ 400 meters from neighbouring property lines on each side or hosting land width of 800 + meters with the 60 storey IWTs the land width would be ~ 1,500 meters wide. Then ~ 400-750 meters setback from road right-of-ways.
        How many IWT
        hosting Ontario land ownwers have this amount of frontage/width of ~ 800-1,500 meters?
        The “nosie”/sound health issues are an additional problem which extends out very much farther from the IWTs.

  2. Ken Bondy,CAWs National Health & Safety Co-ordinator said ;”The union has offered only to make adjustments to the turbine, if there is ‘conclusive evidence’ of health impacts.” Say What?
    “Ultamately, the last thing we would really want to do, is have to shut that turbine down, after everything that we`ve invested, and all the information that we`ve read on the positive side, that there are no real health concerns.
    Isn`t that comforting? Bondy needs some real studies read to him, so he can crawl out from under his shell, and start helping people, instead of harming people. He is supposed to be a Health & Safety coordinator after all.
    It`s always been obvious that Lewenza is a paid shill for the corrupt Lying Liberals & the equally ccorrupt Windy Scumbags/Carpetbaggers. But are all the CAW staffers the same, I wonder? Willfully blind to IWT caused problems?
    Free Thinker: Enjoyed your video! Where do you come up with all your videos etc.?
    You`ve a good sence of humor my friend. Look forward to meeting you some day. Maybe at Mels` big celebration party, when our battle has been won!

  3. Have never seen the CAW Family Center, but
    would imagine it employs/hosts a fair number of
    people at any given time. I hope that turbine
    rocks that place so bad that they have to vacate
    the premise. Would look good on the CAW.

  4. So are there differing grades of Wind Turbines? What constitutes an “industrial” one? Is this turbine built on commercial property not needing to be zoned as industrial?

  5. Caw is worried about their investment???
    What about the hundreds of home owners
    I think humans should trump money dont
    The caw has excused themselves as they
    Beat the new laws passed, they dont have
    Any brains it seems. I refuse to ever do
    Business with these jerks, and I can only
    Hope it bites them in the ass!! Karma!!
    I hope the town sues them! Putting the
    Turbine up despite known issues I truley
    Hope every owner that is in site and earshot
    Of that thing goes after them. Let them spend
    Their investment money in lawsuits. Doesnt
    This company know you should never bite the
    Hand that feeds you?? Its the peoples town
    And they need to respect them!
    Come on ont. Gov. Open your eyes humans
    Have rights!!

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