Mapleton Environmental Tribunal Needs Your Support

POSTPONED: The ERT has granted an adjournment of the Mapleton hearing into NextEra’s Conestogo Wind project. The local group, Preserve Mapleton working with lawyer Eric Gillespie, has applied to divisional court for  a Judicial Review. Preserve Mapleton working with lawyer Eric Gillespie, has applied to divisional court for a Judicial Review.

Until that decision is made, the ERT has decided to adjourn the Mapleton appeal, though the govt. and NextEra were determined to push everybody on. Unfortunately for them, the ERT recognized the basic issues of fairness and respect for the Court, so the ERT hearing is on hold. The hearing date of Feb.21, which was in direct conflict with the Zephyr hearing, is now postponed and will be rescheduled pending the Court decision.

Our arguments are receiving fair hearing. This is very good news for all of us and I would encourage everyone to support the funding for these appeals.

10 thoughts on “Mapleton Environmental Tribunal Needs Your Support

  1. …move the hearing to Arthur or Mt.Forest. It should not be in an urban venue – much too comfy.

    • The Kitchener location was assigned to our hearing by the ERT. We are questioning why the prelim and hearing are being held outside of our municipality and our county. Mapleton is in Wellington County – not Waterloo.

    • Ontario major press coverage could cause the price of renewable energy stocks traded on the TSX to fall. Don’t expect much press coverage.

  2. Can someone explain, or point me to a source that explains why this is going up for Judicial Review?
    Thanks, much appreciated

    • The opportunity to have a Judicial Review before an ERT is actually a very good thing. It gives us the opportunity to pull the MOE into divisional court prior to an ERT – to defend itself. Plus, our ERT was original scheduled for the same date as the Zephr ERT. Because we’re both using the same lawyer, this would have caused problems. The Zephr ERT is being held in Alvinston – ours will be in Kitchener. Eric would have had to be in two places at the same time.

      The bonus is that this takes Nextera and its lawyers temporarily out of the equation. During the preliminary hearing and when our motions were heard, the MOE laywers and the Nextera lawyers were working very nicely together. I thought the MOE was supposed to be impartial? Although this is great news, legal challenges are an expensive procedure. Please donate and help us fight this battle from every angle we can.

  3. Hi Wendy, with all due respect your post makes it sound like Mapleton and its attorney are attempting to manipulate the procedural process so that there isn’t a time conflict between the Zephyr and Conestogo appeal. Something the opposition would be quick to point out when the Conestogo leave to appeal is heard before the Divisional Court.

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