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Important Notice – People will not know about this unless you tell them! Many people do not have the internet so you will have to print addresses for them. Or collect the letters and mail them yourself.

I was recently speaking with my local MPP office. It was indicated to me that the PC Party Ontario wishes to increase the amount of discussion concerning wind turbines in the soon upcoming legislature. Please get in contact with your local MPP office. Sent them your complaints, concerns, etc. If you have a group in your area let them know. They are most interested collecting a large number of health related complaints. Write a short letter outlining your problems and send it to them. Also send a copy to Tim Hudak’s office. And your MPs office.

Find your MPP (Provincial)        Find your MP (Federal)      Email Addresses

Tim Hudak  Niagara West – Glanbrook
Unit M1, 4961 King Street East
Beamsville,Ontario L0R 1B0
905-563-1755 or 905-563-1317

Submitted by:  David Libby, C-K

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  1. How can they possibly not know already. There are over 70 organised resistance group in Ontario who do nothing but work to get the message out.

    • Mainstream media is mostly to blame for “our messages” not getting “out” to the masses. The Rural residents are very aware of this problem but the urban dwellers are literally spoon fed the “problems of the day” by a very “corrupted press”.
      We are waging a war here and the first casualty of war is “freedom of the Press”!

      • It’s not nice or maybe wise for the MSM to publish negative IWT information and cause renewable energy stock prices to fall in price on the TSX.

  2. Marc,

    Your observation is correct, but there are always lots of people on the sidelines who do not participate to the extent that they could, or even should (like me), so this is an opportunity for them to add their voices. I am not qualified to speak to the health-related issues, but I am well qualified to address cost and operational issues associated with industrial wind turbines, which is what I intend to do.

    Also, and I think this is a very important point, the message bears repeating again and again, a lesson that David Suzuki et al have learned very well. Suzuki slathers on some version of the same old bovine excrement at every opportunity, so much so that many people actually came to believe it for a time, although I think that the tide is turning on this.

    • All must keep in mind that the only “qualification” you need to make your voice heard is that you are a citizen of this province. You vote… therefore your opinion matters.

      20 letters from ordinary citizens means more than one formal letter from any organized group.

    • I don’t have IWTs near me, yet (knock, knock). I used to hear all the noise being made by people about it. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. After all, it didn’t really impact me…green is good…right? David Suzuki says it’s good and all the pictures are scenes of happy people in green fields. I took the time to understand and peel back the onion…and what I found is rotten to the core. Now, as far as I am concerned, David Suzuki is a farce and is unable to handle grade 1 math. If half the people in the GTA knew a fraction of the facts I now do…on October 6th last year…McShifty would be doing shampoo clean up in isle 5!!!

  3. If the Conservatives aren’t aware of our disgruntlement they have cotton in their ears. However, we could remind them that the NDP need to be taken aside – they don’t seem to be getting it!

    • Two issues with the NDP. One, they never want to be perceived as being “non-green”. From a ‘brand’ point of view they are no different than any other organization. If they see the slightest risk of looking bad they’ll do their best to bury it. Regardless of their touted morals and principles they are no different. Second, they are connected, perhaps indirectly, to labour unions like the CAW. They, again optics, believe pushing against green energy means pushing away union jobs…the majority of their financial supporters. Personally, I believe the Ontario NDP needs to be called out. They are trying to ignore the real issue by being a “Switzerland”. Guarantee, when this stuff blows up on McShifty, they’ll be right there taking in the lime light like they knew the problems all along.

  4. Could somebody supply me some information on how I can those signs that say—STOP THE WIND TURBINES. I live on Centre Rd near Strathroy ont and would like to post one of these signs on my property

  5. I have sent numerous emails to both our local MP (Ben Lobb) and Tim Hudak’s offices. I have only received one response (from Ben Lobb’s office) which read, “Dear Constituent: Thank you for taking the time to contact our office. We always appreciate hearing from our constituency.” That was it. They don’t even give you the courtesy of a reply addressed specifically to you let alone address your concerns. Little insignificant form letter which makes you think that your letter was only seen by the office flunky, and it never even got to the MP who it was intended for.

    • Donna, If you have a health complaint title your letter ‘This is a formal complaint’ the following must acknowledge your letter or email MoE, MPP, local council, local health department, wind turbine company, maybe others as well. Go to the file complaint section on this website. Or ask us here for help.

      If your complaint was a general letter. No they don’t always have time to respond but they see them and notice. Constant large amounts of letters are important.

      It is discouraging for some so they stop sending but that is how the government gets away with the things they do.

  6. Globalization
    #1. No corrupt politician left behind

    Mr. McGuinty – positioned as a global leader

    The Green Energy and Green Economy Act (Bill 150)
    has poised Ontario onto the ‘global stage’
    similar in tactics used by corrupt Third World
    They collude against their citizens;
    the resulting factor –
    citizens migrate elsewhere.

    Ontario – evidence of this already happening;
    citizens abandoning homes

    Now – like never before –
    citizens’ voices must be raised through local councils –
    provincial legislature – etc.

    Most importantly –
    Freedom to voice your opinion –
    by putting your concerns in writing.

    The process of discovery:
    In the free world – on the Global Stage –
    Ontario an experiment – of the worst kind.

  7. Please Read

    When I was speaking with my local MPP office and Tim Hudak’s office they were both very aware and knowledgeable about the issues. My understanding is the PC party wishes to continue and increase the pressure on the Liberal party. You need to send them your letters now to give them something more to work with. Sending in a few letters or phone calls sometime ago is not good enough. You need to constantly keep after this. Do not stop until your issues are resolved. I send letters every month to at least 9 different places.

    All of the decision makers need to be constantly reminded of this.

    Old letters often get filed away and lost somewhere.

    Some MPP offices are new and do not have any old records.

    You need to this so the political offices can publicly say things like “Every week my office receives hundreds of wind turbine complaints”

    Volume of complaints is important. There are many people who do not know about the ‘Spills’ line 1-800-268-6060 for noise complaints. Call every day noise is a problem. If you do not believe this will help that is fine. Everything always changes. When that day comes I want to be first in line to have my issues dealt with properly. I hope you are second in line.

    Many people are out of the communication loop. Pass this notice along to at least 2 more people, 20 or 50 would be even better. Do not forget that some do not have internet or are not skilled with it. I was at some of my neighbors today, (I went to their houses and knocked on the door). The response was very good. People want to do something. They often do not know what to do. Print the notice above and give it to them.

    If everybody does a little instead of relying on a few to do all of work you become much more powerful.

    Thanking everyone for all they have done to fight this issue.

    • The Youtube is the current situation at my house since Jan 17, 2012. I believe it is only temporary. Complaining is what did this. I do not know any more details or I would tell everyone.

    • People do NOT need to write a long letter or e-mail. One sentence is enough. What’s important is that this is done on a continuing basis. Build up a mass of comminications.

      • Letters will bury them in a mass of paper! One line letter is enough.

  8. I write a letter a week. Silence means acceptance. There write lots of letters to McGuinty and Co, with cc to the newspapers. It’s the only. Eric

  9. I honestly am very happy for the turbine shut down David and I sincerely hope that you are getting some relief.
    What pi**es me off is that there are so many families across this province who have singlehandedly lodged 100’s of complaints to Spills action, MOE district officers, their MPPs, MP’s the Ombudsman office and have been public but not a thing has happened for them.
    I don’t get why the government will listen to one or two people here and there and yet ignore so many, some who have had to literally abandon their homes. Trust me it is not because these people didn’t lodge enough complaints.
    This government and industry is dirty and twisted.

    An example of a front page story from todays Ottawa Citizen, which begs a credible response. This story implies that the excess of electricty is due to Nuclear power because: “unlike wind and other forms of power production, nuclear reactors can’t easily be turned off”.
    The argument from IESO Paul Murray seems to be that further nuclear development is not required. My understanding is that the excess generated is caused mostly by wind which cannot be controlled. Current figures on the IESO table at the bottom of this site show wind generating 68.7% of excess.
    I suggest some of you with correct technical arguments respond to this story. Anyone know what Murray is getting at?

    • Martin,

      You are not interpreting Paul Murphy’s comments correctly. As I read it, he is simply saying that the present situation whereby Ontario continues to encourage more and more uncontrolled generation (IWTs) that must be taken into the grid at any time of the day or night is becoming more serious from an operational perspective, to the extent that it may be necessary to actually shut nuclear units down rather than back them off at times as is being done now (and even backing them off carries significant risks and costs).

      Once a nuclear unit is shut down, it takes several days to get it back, and in the interim, the deficit has to be made up with gas (plus some generation from the IWTs to the extent that the wind continues to blow after the nuclear unit is shut down).

      Given all of the new IWTs on the books, it would be better if the nuclear units were more flexible but we can’t actually do without them (or gas-fired units) because they are needed to keep the lights on when the wind isn’t blowing (the other 75% of the time). So if McGuinty sticks to the present insane policy, Ontario may not be able to accommodate new nuclear units that aren’t more flexible. But no matter how many IWTs are installed, however, Ontario will still need one MW of something reliable (nuclear or gas or coal) for every MW of new generation from IWTs (assuming that we are going to continue to have a reliable supply of electricity in the province).

      By the way, the quote you chose is funny — “nuclear units can’t be turned off.” The problem with IWTs, of course, is that the wind can’t be turned ON!

      • Exactly — it is the IWTs that should be shut down, and we shouldn’t be building any more. But the problem as I understand it is that Murphy can’t stop them from being built, and he can’t shut them off after they are hooked to the grid. So in essence, he is left with trying to figure out how to manage a power system that is being planned by crazy people.

        By the way, IWTs can be shut off in Britain, but they get paid anyway.

  11. What he’s getting at is that nuclear plants are not dispatchable, meaning that they are inflexible and can only be used as baseload power. Gas, hydro, coal can be turned on and off to match demand which fluctuates greatly throughout the day/night.
    That’s nuclears’ biggest weakness, you can run a nuke only grid. It always requires backup.

    • OK I read that as “can’t”.
      But surely the knock against wind power is that it is so erratic and cannot be programed. I thought all wind must be used on the grid and paid for whether needed or not.
      My concern is this story seems to imply no investment in nuclear is need for future, When demand does pick up with the economy, Ont. will need some source of reliable energy. If not nuclear, what? Certainly wind is not the answer and other sources have been rejected by enviro activists.

  12. Ahem, sorry, i meant “can’t”
    Nothing against nuclear but it has it’s limitations and has to be backed up by gas. I think that’s the best solution. I think solar could be used (if the price came down) to reduce demand during the daytime..

    • Rogerdodger,

      It is not correct to say that “nuclear has to be backed up by gas.” Nuclear units are very reliable and provide about half of the electricity we use in Ontario.

  13. Yes Trevor, nuclear has to be backed up because in Ontario, demand fluctuates by over 10000MW depending on time of day or time of year, temperature etc.
    Only hydro can meet demand on a minute by minute basis but we don’t have enough of it!!

    • Sorry Rogerdodger, but you are misinformed. You are correct that nuclear units cannot be operated to “follow the load” — this is done by some hydraulic units, some gas-fired units and some coal-fired units (when they are operated). But nuclear units produce a high proportion of the off-peak energy requirements in Ontario, the remainder being met by must-run hydro (water that would be spilled if it weren’t used) and fossil units that are kept operating NOT for the purpose of backing up the nuclear, but so they are hot and ready to operate to meet the peak load on the next day.

      As the load picks up on a weekday morning, the nuclear units remain operating like they were overnight, and then the fossil and peaking hydro units are brought on-line to match the increasing load. Towards the end of the day, the peaking hydro and fossil units are backed down again.

  14. Yes thats what I said (in my first reply, 02/06/2012) Nuclear is “non dispatchable”, so to fill the void you need peaker plants and/or hydro etc. This is what makes nuclear so cheap. It runs 24/7 without having to sit idle during low demand periods. If nuclear could be designed to be dispatchable, it would cost a lot more, because it would be running at part load most of the time, not making much revenue from selling power.

    If we had enough water, we could in hypothetically serve all of Ontarios demand with hydro power The same cannot be said for nuclear without wasting fuel/steam to meet demand.

  15. The Citizen story above, demonstrates the frustration of trying to deal with the urban Ont, press,
    The original filler story for a slow Mon has long since disappeared from their site headlines. I do know from past encounters that editorially the paper wholly supports McGuinty’s Liberals and their green energy policies, even to the extent of supporting an IWT development for the rural end of the city.
    The story doesn’t say anything about wind power. What it does for casual readers is plant the seed of doubt that it is nuclear power that is problematic and maybe future development should be curtailed. This is a very subtle argument intended to boost the acceptance of renewable energy including wind power, at the expense of conventional power. It makes a rebutal to the story more difficult.

  16. Question:
    Does Mr. Murphy have a drinking problem , or does he just love Multi – Nationals?
    He needs a mental health examination.

    Obviously, killing or stalling Nuclear opens the door for Multi Nationals
    who want to gain access/control of
    Ontario’s electricity grid.
    Ontario citizens own the grid!

    Go – Murphy – Go

    ‘[excerpt] “We need to find alternative ways to address (surpluses) to avoid using a multiday nuclear shutdown to address surplus conditions that could last for only a few short hours,” said Murphy.

    “Given the potential of quick swings from surplus to shortage, those actions could have greater consequences in the future if the shutdown nuclear unit is not available by the time we need it again.”

    Read more:

    p.s. Wind/Gas Plants or Nuclear?
    My hand is up for Nuclear.

  17. Free Thinker,

    You’ve completely misunderstood what Mr. Murphy was saying, perhaps because of lousy reporting. Read Martin’s comments at 12:06 and the subsequent comments.

    Murphy essentially said we have uncontrollable ITW generation up the wazoo when we don’t need it, so much so that we sometimes even have to pay New York and Michigan to take it off our hands, and there’s even more on the way which will make matters worse. He’s faced with keeping generation roughly in balance with the demand when the ITWs are churning away but then keeping the lights on a few hours later when the wind drops to zero. Technically, it’s a huge problem that Mr. McGuinty doesn’t seem to understand or care about.

    • Hey Trevor,
      Yeah, I got that part –
      I just thought it odd that he would use Nuclear in the argument.
      His argument makes absolutely no sense at all.


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