CFFO Calls for a Slow-Down on FIT Projects

GUELPH – Members of the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario (CFFO) Provincial Council recently endorsed a resolution on Ontario’s FIT Program. According to the resolution, the CFFO will only support solar FIT and wind FIT projects that are approved by and are to the benefit of the community and the municipality. In addition, the organization asks that the approval of FIT projects be halted and then only resumed after a more equitable, transparent approach can be developed.
The CFFO believes that green energy needs to be part of the long-term energy mix in Ontario and it supports the development of programming that achieves sustainability on a triple bottom line basis – economic, social and environmental. However, the development and approval of FIT projects is proceeding at nearly triple the pace originally outlined in Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan. According to the CFFO, the current approach to developing the feed-in tariff projects under the Green Energy Act is showing to be socially unsustainable. Communities are being torn apart by wind turbine proposals, the Samsung deal disadvantages local production projects, gag orders as part of contracts are preventing transparency and in some areas solar FIT projects are proceeding on high quality land despite rules to the contrary.
“The current approach allows for some economic gains for a few people in this province and small environmental gains for all Ontarians, but this is not worth pursuing if the cost is the sacrifice of the social fabric of rural communities,” stated Gerald Poechman, CFFO Vice-President. “Considering the increasingly obvious stress the current approach has placed on our rural communities, there is ample cause for the Ontario government to stop the further placement of FIT projects until a better way to move forward is put in place.”
The organization also calls for the current land use considerations for the placement of FIT projects to be re-evaluated to reduce their placement on prime farmland. In addition, residents within two kilometers of a wind turbine should be entitled to profit sharing. Finally, the CFFO calls on the Ontario government to take firm control of the timetable for development and implementation of FIT projects to more closely conform to its long-term goals.

Visit the CFFO website to see the CFFO Resolution on the FIT Program

20 thoughts on “CFFO Calls for a Slow-Down on FIT Projects

  1. Look Up!
    Stressed out Christians – with social issues

    ‘[excerpt] ….Green Energy Act is showing to be socially unsustainable.

    p.s. Love is in the air!

  2. How vague? What exactly are they supporting?
    Profit sharing to make the bad become the good? How Christian of them!

    • Hey Rogerdodger,
      Maybe it’s same to assume –
      they have a ‘[your fill in]’ rolling around in their heads.

      Note: Load up on ‘antiseptic mouthwash – it’s the only Christian thing to do

  3. It`s such a huge shame, that this resolution by the CFFO, as well as the recent change of heart by the OFA, didn`t take place well in advance (a month or so?) of the Oct. 6/11 prov. election, when it would have done much more good. Not that it isn`t welcome now or won`t help now, I think it will, very much so. Like they say, better late than never.
    It now appears that most of the farm community is on side, against the destruction of rural Ontario, by the extremely corrupt Lying Liberals from H, under the laughable guise of saving the planet, as opposed to the reality of extreme riches, for McGuinty and his equally corrupt freinds & comrades.
    Welcome aboard CFFO!

    • Douglas:
      Very likely the election results -polarization
      of rural Ont.- that has resulted in the change
      of heart by OFA.

  4. “In addition, residents within two kilometers of a wind turbine should be entitled to profit sharing. ”
    Are we blind to this comment
    There will be a deal struck that for payment you are not entitled to further action against the wind company.Are we about to get bought out for our health…just a thought

    • Nobody that I know of that is involved in this fight is looking for money out of the deal.

      This profit-sharing nonsense is something that someone in the CFFO came up with. Any payment from a wind company is equivalent to a gag around your mouth.

    • If IWT sweep circles were drawn over the affected land plots/areas to show if and where these circles meet or overlap could this make the “noise”/infrasound worse in some locations than in other locations? And there are other factors at work here as well.
      Any thoughts on this?

      • Another way of looking at the IWT “noise” issue is look at the sounds coming off from the turbines makes a fan shape or wedge shape when drawn in one geometric plane or a cone in 3 D Where these “lines” meet or overlap and could enhance the effects of the “noise” Could make the “noise” worse in some locations than in others depending on the turbine placements, distances and the number of turbines.
        Am I correct that so far only the “noise” produced by single turbine studies has been presented to the public?
        Any thoughts on this?

      • The government and wind developers just use sound decibles and leave out the “geometry” of these “noise” issues. Where the “noise” projected from IWTs crosses this creates a zone that includes the “noise” from two turbines. The size of these “noise” zones will vary depending on the circumstances at any given time. This also explains why a person can be near IWTs and not be affected by the “noise” while others at varying distances and locations from the IWTs are badly affected. It all depends on the location.
        There are other factors that enter into this “noise” situation as well.

  5. These organizations like OFA and the above are seeing the inevitable downfall of Dalton and Gang coming at them real fast…………………now they are trying to get on the “right side of the fence for what comes next…………..a Hudak majority.
    Dalton is basically being thrown under the bus by his own news outlets and after the Drummond report hits the news on Feb 15th wait and see more “rats jumping from the S.S. McGuinty!”

  6. CFFO states — In addition, residents within two kilometres of wind turbines should be entitled to profit sharing. — What are the CFFO membership thinking? Nowhere in their resolution did they validate the primary cause of opposition to IWT’s. Their resolution reads as though health issues were non existent . Nor do they mention scientific studies or safer setbacks for placement of wind turbines and other key issues . However , mention is made to profit share WITHIN a two kilometre area of wind turbines. Do CFFO membership honestly feel that profit sharing would actually compensate me and my neighbours for jeopardizing our health and devaluating our properties and loss of enjoyment thereof and be gag ordered to top it off ?
    To me , this is rhetorical reading and parts of the resolution need redrafting to truly reflect the existing reality .

    • Seems CFFO knows that IWT health related problems will be proven and this is another way of getting IWTs installed in Ontario. Pay people and get them to sign off.
      When the mathematics/geometry is applied to the IWT “noise” issues then it can be demonstrated what is taking place and why some are much more likely to be affected than others. This is not just peoples’ imagination.

      • Since sound/”noise” is not visible one way to understand this is to compare,for demonstration only, the light of search light beams in the night sky where it can be seen that the beams move around and can criss-cross.
        This same thing happens with the sound produced by IWTs where criss-crossing can & does occur and this moves around as the turbines change direction. People complain but by the time someone comes to check the “noise” is gone as the turbine direction has changed. So long and short periods of “noise” occur as the wind direction changes.
        The more IWTs that are installed the more the “noise”/ health problems will be. This “noise” will criss-cross whole areas and people will be surounded by turbine “noise”
        Some have complained that they already are surrounded by “turbine” noise.
        Math/geometry can be applied here to prove this.

      • If anyone wants to see this just line up some dots on paper to represent the IWTs and then draw lines to make the “noise” angles but don’t close in the end side of the angles because the distance the “noise” carries is variable at any given time.Depending on the size of the angles made the criss-crossing becomes visible but with operational IWTs the width of angles could vary depending on the circumstances at any given time.
        With operational IWTs this “noise” is 3D but what is drawn on paper is only 1D.So only part of the problem shows up on paper.Try this with different colours for the angles.

  7. I know a few Christian farmers and they point out that everyone getting a wind payment doesn’t complain, whether they have regrets or not!
    Has anyone ever seen the elusive “gag order” or know where to find one? I think it could be a good idea to post one. It could make some waves in the media since no one really reports on it.

    • Roger, these are not “elisive” at all. Click on the Leases tab at the top of the page for several examples of leases. Wind Watch also has many on their site. These have already been posted for years.

  8. Not sure what Christopher Hitchens would have to say about this but maybe the CFFO can get the evil IWT companies to tithe from their gross revenues. Then the IWTs would make only really, really obscene amounts of money, versus really, really, really obscene amounts.

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