Protesters rally at Zephyr Wind Farm

By Cathy Dobson, Sarnia Observer
BROOKE-ALVINSTON — About 40 protesters rallied along a muddy rural road Tuesday where the first offour Zephyr Farm wind turbines is taking shape in eastern Lambton County.  “This is our community, this is our home. We will push it as far as we can push it,” said organizer Marcelle Brooks. “If that means we will be standing in front of a bull dozer, that’s where we’ll be,” she said. Lambton OPP warned the protesters not to block traffic but did not make any arrests. Read article

5 thoughts on “Protesters rally at Zephyr Wind Farm

  1. IWT developers believe they have more rights than rural Ontarians have because the Green Energy Act gave them these rights and so do those who want to host IWTs.
    Any law that allows infringment of property rights and ignores peoples’ safety is an illegal law to begin with.People have every right to protest these actions.

  2. People trying to save their homes and their families health shouldn’t be stopped by the Police but instead should be PROTECTED by the Police!
    McGuinty must be charged with crimes against the people!

  3. KEEP OUT!

    Time Change!

    January – February – March – 8:30am

    Click: Notice of change of ‘regular’ council meetings;

    p.s. so, if you have a job – you have to take the morning off – to attend a council meeting
    p.p.s. if you have children – you still have to wait for the school bus – then drive to the council meeting – to find out, it just ended.

    We’re Big Green!
    Lambton County

    p.s. Big Government

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