Middlesex Lambton Wind Action Group issuing warnings

By Heather Wright, Sarnia This Week 
Middlesex Lambton Wind Action Group wants people in Lambton Shores to be aware of what they’re facing as industrial wind turbines begin to dot the landscape.  The group is holding a public meeting Thurs. Feb. 16 at the Grand Bend Public School to talk about the effects of turbines on human health, real estate values and local wildlife.  Lambton Shores will soon be a hotbed for wind energy. The largest project by NextEra Energy will put 92 turbines near the Lake Huron shoreline around Forest, Thedford, and Arkona.  Read article

8 thoughts on “Middlesex Lambton Wind Action Group issuing warnings

  1. The thought of that density of Industrial size wind turbines is mind boggling. Outrageous blight on the land. A huge risk to the health and well being of the rural families living near these monsters and for what? $$$$ to the developers. I pity the wildlife that will have to flee. The raptors that will be killed…the geese. Shame on them, shame on them all. You must feel like you are having a nightmare and can not wake up.

    • Which is why we are willing to lie in the road in front of heavy machinery and risk being arrested! We will not stop fighting for our beautiful communities!

    • The size of the IWTs and the size/dimensions of the vertical blade sweep/circle is just like having different size “sound” speakers in use in comparison to the size of the “noise” sound wave cones they can produce.

      • Turbines make horizontal sweeps/circles as well and this is where the safety/debris throw issues are.
        Two different IWT blade dimension/ sweep issues here and one is horizontal in nature and the other is vertical in nature/sound which also has a horizonal sweep as the turbines turn.

      • IWT lightening strike issues are verticle/ height issues as the higher/taller an object is the more likely it is to be struck by lightening.

  2. The landowners that sign for IWT contracts had better up their liability insurance. This is going to be a nightmare!

  3. Can anyone tell me if any of the projects are near my inlaws farm in ARVA, Medway and Denfield, Middlesex County. North of LOBO ??? They need to know so they can join your group.

    Any info will help.

    Thanx, Melodie

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