Spitting into the wind – McGuinty’s Lies, Secrets and Coverups

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8 thoughts on “Spitting into the wind – McGuinty’s Lies, Secrets and Coverups

  1. the biggreenlie,

    McGuinty is not in front of a microphone being listened to. That is a picture of him on screen. Five lies about the wind industry are being exposed to the public by the reporter and the interviewer. This is a very good video and will help us by educating the urban communities. Please watch the video. ( I know, it makes me sick to see his face too) but in this case he is exposed as the bad guy.

    • I just mentioned the fact that he has been in front of microphones all over Ontario addressing business people instead of standing in front of other MPP’s in Parliament making ridiculous lying statements about how great Ontario still is!
      Talk about living in the world of DENIAL eh?

  2. “People got screwed” Well said. Pretty simple, Dalton McGuinty doesn’t care who he hurts.

  3. Thank you Lorrie and Ezra.
    This is a long time coming. What is happening is dirty,negligent and yet another McGuinty Liberal scandal about to explode.
    Please continue to expose the real story to ALL residents of Ontario.

  4. This is an open letter to all media:

    Ontarians deserve an intelligent report on the issue. When it comes to adverse health effects from wind turbines, you MUST accurately explain what is “wind turbine annoyance”.

    People who don’t understand wind turbine noise like to come up with analogies to understand how “annoying” wind turbine sound really is. We all know that people have a hard time describing the effects that wind turbine noise have on human health.

    For example, MOE Officer Tim Webb, Badge # 125, in an email on October 14, 2010, described wind turbine sound as “a sensation that was neither a discernable sound nor a detectable vibration, but somewhere between the two. Definitely more felt than heard.” http://www.windyleaks.com/2011/09/26/another-environmental-officer-identifies-turbine-issues/

    It is true that wind turbine “annoyance” is derived, in part, because the sound is i) uncontrollable, and ii) unwanted. But the acoustic impacts are much more profound than that. For example, look up VibroAcoustic Disease (VAD) to get a sense for what effects intense sound energy can have on human tissues. The physical health effects that Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines are experiencing is so much more intense than what the layperson perceives “annoyance” to be. If one expects Joe Public to understand the situation, it’s crucial to explain that wind turbines sound is UNIQUE, and INTENSE, not like road or rail traffic. If you don’t explain this, then Joe, wanting to empathize, says:

    “dummmm… oh yeah, I get it… it’s like how waiting in line-up at the grocery store is annoying because it’s a)uncontrollable, and b) unwanted. Yah… that is annoying…!”

    In reality, wind turbine “annoyance” is ten degrees worse than that. Just ask any Ontario Victim of Industrial Wind Turbines. We’ve only been telling you this for the last five years.

  5. Why does Lorrie Greenstein say at the end of his list that, “and if we’re going to bring them [wind turbines] in fine, but lets have proper set-backs, proper noise limits…” ???

    IT IS NOT FINE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!! When are people going to GET IT!!!!??

    Wind turbines are not green, not efficient, do not reduce greenhouse gases (actually increase them), their blade composite materials are unrecyclable and toxic, their bases use hundreds of thousands of tons of concrete/gravel/water, are an eye-sore on the landscape, are industrializing our precious rural spaces and cost jobs!!!

  6. He says that because there is no way in hell they could be brought forward anyway with proper setbacks or noise measurements in place because the province is too populated for them. Doesn’t matter if you say bring ’em on or not. They won’t work.

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