Grey narrowly backs wind turbine motion

By Rob Gowan, Owen Sound Sun Times
Grey County narrowly supported an Arran-Elderslie motion calling for a moratorium on wind turbine construction until concerns about them are addressed. At its meeting on Tuesday, Grey County council passed the motion 47-43 in a weighted vote.  Chatsworth Deputy-mayor Terry McKay said he made the motion because municipalities still don’t have a say in where wind turbines are built. “Right now we have no say,” said McKay. “Right now we have information meetings for these wind turbine farms, but not necessarily a public meeting.” Read article

7 thoughts on “Grey narrowly backs wind turbine motion

  1. Kudos to Terry McKay for making this motion..I , as a past resident of grey county for over 40 years , can’t believe there are so many councilors that have lost their brains and can’t see what is happening !! Thanx,”uncle Terry” for doing the right thing!!… LB

    • Hey Tom,

      Yes – the OFA.
      You might have to re read.
      I had to re read.
      But – my reading comprehension could be off – a wee bit.
      Welcome to ‘cuckoo-land!
      Seriously, what do you take away from it all?

      • What do I take away from it all?
        Not much. Just that half of the county councilors need to grow a spine.

    • Nope. No excuse.
      Next door to Mark Davis and at least some involved in the “Inter-municipal Working Group”.

      THAT Grey County Council support the Arran Elderslie motion regarding a
      moratorium on wind turbine construction.

      Councillor Eccles requested a recorded vote.

      Those in favour: B. Pringle (4), T. McKay (3), A. Barfoot (5), D. Burley (5), P. McQueen
      (5), F. Richardson (6), H. Greenfield (5), A. Wright (8) and J. Bell (6).

      Those opposed: W. Fitzgerald (6), K. Maskell (3), B. White (3), D. Haswell (8), B. Milne
      (3), N. Jack (3), E. Anderson (6), D. McKinlay (5) and K. Eccles (6).

      The motion was Carried 47 to 43.

      Moved by: Councillor Eccles Seconded by: Councillor Greenfield

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