Mayor Ken Hewitt responsible for newspaper closure

by Christie Blanchard, National Post
Excerpt:   But under new Mayor Ken Hewitt, the county decided to trim advertising costs, and issued a request-for-proposals that included some new conditions — newspapers had to take out $2-million in liability insurance, provide their civic-minded bona fides, be willing to have their financials scrutinized and offer “value-added” bonuses, such as access to the opinion pages for columns by politicians.  “Right there,” Ms. Pickup snorted Friday, “they lost us.”  Read article

32 thoughts on “Mayor Ken Hewitt responsible for newspaper closure

  1. this is just disgusting, remember Duncan’s rant before the last election, it’s hard to find a paper that reports what’s really happening at Queens Park

  2. To even call himself a Mayor should be a slap in the face of all other Mayors in Ontario, all 443 of them.
    This guy and his “Council” are paid by tax payers to hold office. They are in office for only ONE THING……to represent the people and then manage their tax dollars with all the honesty and respect that the electorate have placed on them.
    Apparently none of the above is taking place in Caledonia and therefore the electorate must DEMAND this Mayor and Council to resign as they have committed a “Breach of Trust” and should no longer be in position to make any further decisions that can affect people’s lives and livelihoods!
    I have also posted this story on my website and I ask others to do the same. Enough of this nonsense!

  3. Hey Canadian Truth Seeker,
    Thanks for reminding us – Ugh!

    Citizens voted for Ken Hewitt – can you believe it?
    A king with no crown!

    They booted Marie Trainer out –
    yet the evidence shows she fought for her community.
    What a mess in Haldimand now.

    Maybe it’s time – to bring on the –
    ‘Bring Back Marie Trainer’ campaign.

    • Let’s not move too fast in bringing Marie Trainer back. She wanted to make Haldimand County into “the green energy hub” of Ontario. If you Google Marie Trainer and Green Energy lots of interesting articles pop up. Here is one. Although the article does not have a date, it was sometime in 2010.

      An exerpt:
      “I don’t look at is as windmills and solar,” Trainer told the Chronicle. “This is to work in partnership as a whole to make all our communities stronger, because if Brant gets a plant, we know our people will work there.” When an interested company approaches the area and makes certain demands, “hopefully, one of us will have it,” she said. “We have a lot more clout with the federal government to help us because we all need jobs.”

      Yes, in a short amount of time Hewitt has managed to cause much grief and heart ache in Haldimand County. He probably thinks he is doing a fabulous job – most folks like him do. I can’t believe we have to tolerate him for almost 3 more years. Yikes.

      It really is too bad Haldimand has lost the “This Week”. It was the only “weekly” to question issues in Haldimand. County Council, Douglas Creek Estates, Samsung, Vibrancy Fund, Hewitt’s connection to McGuinty, IWT’s, etc., the “This Week” covered it all. The Sachem is sanitized to the point of seeing bleach stains. And for the last month or so we are blessed weekly with a short blurb from our Mayor. The Haldimand Press? Well it seems to focus more on the “feel good” stories of the county, which is not a bad thing, so am not sure how to categorize it.

      • Hey Petra,
        All this tells us is:
        Marie Traner got on a boat with a bunch of lunatics.

        The significant thing she said was:
        ‘[excerpt] “We have a lot more clout with the federal government to help us because we all need jobs.”

        That leads me to believe she applied to the federal government for a grant to develop
        a plan – for the community – with the citizens in mind.

        There is nothing legislated that would have prevented this from happening.

  4. Tis a sad day indeed, when we loose one of Ontarios few non-bias news publications, such as this gutsy little free paper, ‘The Regional This Week’. By all accounts, it was a classic, with the jam to ask the tough questions, and demand the honest answers. Of anyone,politicians, police, native occupiers, whomever!
    It`s one of Ontarios` biggest roadblocks, to good, reasonably honest governance, having such a predominantly bias, lefty media, that it`s nearly impossible, to educate voters about the realities of Liberal corruption & mismanagement, in their once great province.
    It`s bad enough, that the big city dailys, like the Red Star, Ottawa Citizen, et al, are Liberal ‘read’ (&red) through & through, but even many small town papers seem to be owned by Torstar or other Leftist Loonatics.
    I wasn`t aware that our little, free, ‘This Week’ paper, was owned by Torstar, until I read their editorial before the Oct.6/11 election, in which they critisized Tim Hudacs platform & praised the Lying Liberals track record, plus dished out all the usual pro-wind propaganda, spewed by Lying Liberals & their other treasonous bedmates.

  5. Is there any way we can demand that he step down? I’ll never forget how he stood in front of a few hundred people at the Fisherville Community Centre and said with a huge smile that “Haldimand County has been asked to be “GRACIOUS HOSTS”” to IWT development…. all I could think was that he obviously didn’t get my e-mail!! I never once got a reply either. THEN he backs our moratorium in the afternoon and goes to meet with the turbine companies to strike a deal after hours. Snubbing his nose to the courts and now this. Didn’t he do some questionable land deals with the builders from DCE? This guy is all about money, control, manipulation and doing things behind the scenes that put the screws to those of us who live here.

    • M.F. I heard him at that meeting in Fisherville say that, also at the end of his speech he said that he was “with the King” (E.King , v.p. of
      Until the people come together and remove him, he will countinue.

    • There IS a way to get rid of a guy like this!
      On any Council at any given time there is usually at least one Councillor who is “honest, caring and who really cares about the people who elected him/her”!
      One would think that this Councillor would be able to influence matters in favour of the people.
      It doesn’t ever work that way. He or She is usually ganged up on and silenced!
      To get rid of a foul Mayor like this it takes real public involvement at the Council level. The public has to literally sit down with each Councillor and talk their ear off until that Councillor realizes that he/she is not alone here!
      THEN Council has to “turn on the Mayor” and expose him for what he is. If the public knows what he’s like I’m sure the inside members of Council know much more.
      The Mayor doesn’t even have a vote in Council unless there is a tie vote. To grant him more power than he needs is the Council’s fault. It all starts right there!!!!

  6. Our refer to our local paper — another owned by Torstar — as The Rag.

    They’re cheerleaders for all things local and rarely write a questioning or dissenting word. It’s sometimes worse when they do, as the lameness of it gives legitimacy to the wrong being done.

  7. copied from the other local “paper”- excerpts as below
    by: Jennifer Vo
    “Mayor Ken Hewitt to start regular “State of the Union” addresses”

    “….Hewitt who will make what he calls a “State of the Union” address on a monthly basis and invites members of the local media out to the County buildings”…..

    “The third countywide issue that came up at the meeting included curiosity about the plans for the Community Vibrancy Fund.”…….

    “The mayor’s next meeting will be at the end of February where Hewitt will address the hot topics that arise from now until then”

    Chris we are going to miss your voice in our communities- Goodbye and thank you.

    • Hey Linda,
      I’ve never heard of such a thing:
      “Mayor Ken Hewitt to start regular “State of the Union” addresses”

      I’m creeped out!

  8. TAKE BACK YOUR TOWNSHIP…………..sit inside every single Council meeting until your bum hurts….stare at them, present delegations at every meeting, in other words GET ACTIVE…………..

  9. Hi everyone (come join the fun!) a reposted message

    RE: (Deputation was recently presented to Haldimand-Norfolk Advisory committee on January 19 2012, re: request from the residents of Clear Creek, Cultus, Frogmore- request for support for a clinical study into the adverse health impacts from IWTs)

    Stephana Johnston will be giving a deputation at the Norfolk Council meeting on Tuesday, Feb.14. The meeting starts at 5 pm at the Norfolk Administration Building at 50 Colborne St. South, Simcoe by the Centre Town Mall parking lot.
    If the Haldimand Norfolk Board of Health is allowed the time needed at the end of the Council meeting for their meeting, Stephana will be speaking to the HN Board of Health as well. It would be most appreciated if you could give her your support. We will let you know more details as they become known after the Council Agenda is posted this Friday.

      • Oh – one more question:
        Who is the chairman of this committee?

      • The Health Advisory Committee is a sub group made up of councillors from both Haldimand and Norfolk counties (our health board covers both counties), that is where Stephana Johnston was sent with her deptuation when asking for a health study to be done. The Chairman is Tony Dalimonte a Norfolk Councillor. Now another deputation is planned for tomorrow as an update.
        (see notice below from HWC)

        “Hi all,

        The Norfolk Council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 14 is starting at 4:00 pm. which is an hour earlier than usual. There are 2 items, then the deputations begin and Stephana’s is the 4th deputation. She has some new info to share with Council. Each deputation is a maximum of 10 min. usually with some discussion after each one. There are a number of items after the deputations.
        After the end of the Council meeting, the Board of Health meeting should begin. Sometimes the council meetings are so late that they don’t have time for a health meeting but hopefully since they’re starting earlier, they’ll have the health meeting.
        Stephana’s deputation is the first item on the Health meeting agenda. Her deputation is about the HN Health Unit conducting a health study of adverse health effects of the 70 Norfolk wind turbine victims.
        The meetings are at the Norfolk County Admin. Building beside the library at 50 Colborne St. South, Simcoe and across from the Centre Town Mall parking lot.
        If any of you could attend either deputation, Stephana and Haldimand Wind Concerns would really appreciate it.

        Here’s a link to the Council agenda.

  10. Hewitt needs to be charged in the court of law.
    He is not in the best interest of all the people of Haldimand.
    He has worked with a foreign company while in office.
    He is ignoring public health & safety on turbines.
    If anyone can add to this, start class action proceedings against him.
    Now hold this ass responsible for peoples health, safety & land value loss.
    His stupid vibrancy fund might cover the cost on one turbine fire and claims.
    Get rid of him Haldimand

  11. I feel so sorry that we in Haldimand have lost the Regional News. I would be more than willing to pay for that paper weekly. Honest reporting, true community voice. I wonder if Chris Pickup would consider subscriptions or maybe a web newspaper.

    • Can we rally behind the Regional News This Week , and get them to continue with a website and paid subscription 2 large page flyer in the mail. There must be something else behind this.
      Does Hewitt get away with this?

      • I agree.
        I’d pay a subscription fee to keep something like the “This Week” going, either as hard copy or by internet. Heck it is the only way one hears the “true” news in Haldimand.

  12. The Regional News was my favourite local newspaper. Over the years, they have published more of my letters than any other. It really was the hot bead of political discontent–but with class! In the same week as the final edition of the RN, the Sachem had three letters: one from a councillor, one from the mayor, and one from our MPP. That really says it all.

  13. We Need Regional News This Week

    Should we or could we start a boycott of the “other” paper that publishes the column for our Mayor. We could put notices on our mailboxes stating that we no longer wish to receive this paper, or just contact them directly.

  14. MAYOR HEWITT used your taxpayer’s money to control the message.
    The regional news this week Febuary 8, 2012 pg7 opinion

    by Gary McHale,

    While Mayor Hewitt might put on a sad face in public, Haldimand council
    will be rejoicing over the end of the Regional News. It was Marie Trainer,
    while she was mayor, who told me that council wanted some way punish
    the Regional News for stories they print. In particular two long time
    councilors were outraged by negative stories about them in the Regional.
    With Hewitt as mayor, putting all council advertising into the Sachem
    ensured two things – 1) punishment of the Regional and 2) bribing the
    Sachem. I say bribe because that is the word used by Neil Dring when
    Merlyn Kinrade confronted him a few months ago about Hewitt’s own
    words in the Sachem, that Hewitt received the special benefit of having
    a column in the Sachem because of the county’s ad space purchase.
    Dring told Merlyn that Hewitt makes it sound like a bribe.
    Council wanted a newspaper they could control and one that wouldn’t
    risk losing all that paid ad space. The Regional News wouldn’t play
    ball so they looked around to see which newspaper was pro-council
    and pro-Hewitt then designed a method to ensure that only the Sachem
    could qualify to win the contract with the County.
    The County demanded a special liability insurance that would cover
    their own ads – why should any media outlet pay extra to cover what
    the County wanted put in their ads? They wanted a list of who the
    Regional donated money to and wanted the Regional to open up their
    Bank account to the County.
    The Sachem is NOT owned locally but is owned by Metroland which
    is a subsidiary of Torstar, a large corporation that also owns the Hamilton
    Spectator, the Toronto Star and a string of other newspapers. As such
    they could easily cover any special insurance policy the County demanded
    while local businesses would find it too difficult.
    What people truly do not know is that Hewitt has been in the back
    pocket of McGuinty for the six years. Not only did Hewitt have private
    meetings with McGuinty in early 2006, he also received money from the
    Ontario government to help promote his group the Caledonia Alliance.
    In August 2006 Hewitt and I appeared on CHTV and he finally admitted
    he had met with McGuinty and at times with other Ministers.
    In 2003 the media ran a story about how McGuinty had issued an
    internal memo telling government departments to find people in various
    communities to use as the means to present the government’s message
    on the issues of the day. When the occupation started in 2006 you can be
    assured the government wanted local people to support the OPP and
    McGuinty. In stepped Ken Hewitt who instantly had direct meetings
    with Ministers and Mcguinty.
    When the Class Action was filed is was Ken Hewitt along with the
    Toronto Star who publicly denounced John Findlay – lawyer for the Class
    Action. Findlay was forced to sue both Hewitt anf the Toronto Star – the
    case against Hewitt settled out of court. Recently a few businesses have
    told me it was Hewitt and his friends who went to various businesses and
    told them not join the class action.
    In May 2006 when the residents bused people to Queen’s park it was Hewitt
    who publicly told people not to attend. The night before the rally Hewitt went to
    Toronto and met with McGuinty then stayed the night in Toronto. Suddenly the
    next morning Hewitt became the spokesperson at the rally. Toby Barrett, Tim
    Hudak and John Tory were all there and the PC party was to pay the $2000 bus
    fee. The party refused because of Hewitt. Later a resident had to cough up the $2000.
    When McGuinty appealed Judge Marshall’s court ruling forcing the OPP to remove
    the occupiers, it was Hewitt who spoke out supporting McGuinty’s position. The
    alliance wrote a letter to the Attorney General and to the Court of Appeals in which
    Hewitt stated “we believe that the occupation needs to come to an end and fell that the
    best way for this to be achieved is through peaceful negotiation between all parties”
    which is exactly Mcguinty’s position. In August 2006 I publicly exposed Hewitt as
    someone working with McGuinty. In a press release tilted Liberal Linked plan I
    named Hewitt as someone actively trying tp put McGuinty’s plan in place in Caledonia.
    The plan included turning over certain properties to Six Nations, removing Mayor
    Trainer, controlling the message to the media and in return th Alliance would be
    Rewarded. The plan called for Hewitt and boys to support Lorraine Bergstrand
    Against trainer in 2006.
    It should be noted that this plan was released prior to anyone signing up for the
    election. A few weeks later Hewitt signed up to run for mayor but dropped out and
    them Bergstrand entered the race after meeting with Hewitt> Hewitt would later seek
    the Liberal nomination in the Federal election and Bergstrand would run against Barrett
    as a Liberal .
    The truly telling event about Hewitt’s character is from May 2006 when Hewitt was
    At the local Tims and started telling everyone how he wanted to go down to DCE and
    rip down the sign that called him a racist. After inciting others to join him, including
    Randy and Doug Fleming, They raced down to DCE but before they got the sign down
    the Natives and OPP swarmed them. As the Flemings looked around they saw Hewitt still
    sitting in his car while they paid the price of supporting him.
    In the past two weeks Hewitt has once again shown his true colors, spinning the
    message in order help McGuinty. For the first time Hewitt has called the occupiers the
    residents of DCE and that the residents of Caledonia need to learn to co-exist with
    these residents of DCE. Also Hewitt is now stating he supports the OPP as a “much
    needed asset” to the community – not long ago he demanded an inquiry into the failures
    of the OPP to uphold the law.
    One thing is for sure – the Sachem isn’t about tp print my editorials or hold individual
    council members accountable, so the press is now truly controlled by council.
    The community pays the price by losing this bright light of freedom.

    Gary McHale

  15. Is Dalton planning to put IWT on occupied land? In the Approval and Permiting Requirements Document for Renewable Energy, it sets aside northern Natives by stating:
    “The goal of this initiative is to permanently protect at least 225,000 square kilometres of
    the Far North of Ontario while allowing for sustainable development of the region’s natural resources. It would give First Nations a leadership role in community based land use planning. Community based land use planning would allow for the identification of areas that should be
    protected and areas where sustainable development could occur.”
    Dalton doesn’t treat all citizens, including First Nations in this Province, as equals.

  16. “The first causality of war is truth…”
    What does Ken do when handed a basket of lemons? He squeezes them into pulp and then throws it into our faces. What does he do when a train comes rolling into town full speed ahead?
    Jumps on top of the caboose then flips us all the bird!

    Folded like a cheap suit. But that’s okay, I’m sure being the poster boy for Samsung will afford him a steam iron and makeover.

    Tough to see the paper go before on influx of letters demanding his resignation.

  17. It’s almost a “given” that people like Hewitt who tie their ropes to the horse that leads (McGuinty) will inevitably be dragged down with him when he gets handed his walking papers. I wonder what will happen to Hewitt when he loses his “protector and mentor” McGuinty?
    Hopefully he will answer for his malicious actions eventually…………..”wouldn’t wanna be him!

  18. Yeah, but what if he’s on Samsung’s payroll? That’ll just mean he plain don’t give a darn what happens with McGuinty, or the rest of us for that matter.

  19. Samsung’s slush fund valued at $216 million, says former legal executive

    “Samsung has created a large-scale slush fund” valued at some 200 billion won (about $216 million). According to Kim, the fund was used to routinely bribe prosecutors and politicians in hopes of making the investigations into Samsung’s improprieties go away. Last week, South Korea’s parliament voted to allow an independent counsel to investigate the Samsung group in addition to improper payments — including a congratulatory election victory “gift” — made to South Korea’s residing president, Roh Moo-hyun. Roh, who denies the allegations, is considering vetoing the bill according to a statement made by his office. Unlike typical boasts of Samsung world’s firsts, this certainly isn’t the first case of a corporate slush fund. However, with Samsung controlling nearly 20% of South Korea’s GDP, it has legs to become the world’s most notorious case of political-industrial corruption in recent years.

    Try not to read into this too much…just saying…be careful who you get into bed with Ken.

    • Most Ontarians know how business is done in some foreign countries around the world but this is unacceptable here.

  20. We have to agree with so many others on this site. Bring back the Regional News!! We, like many others, will gladly pay a weekly subscription in order to ensure that the people of this County have a voice again! We can’t afford to live in an environment of what would appear to be Council imposed censorship while, at the same time, being inundated with propaganda courtesy of Mayor Hewitt and that same council. They need not fear criticism if they operate in the best interests of the people who elected them in the first place!! IWT companies use subversive methods to infiltrate a community with their promises of local investment, “Green” energy production, and “free” money for residents willing to lease their land in exchange for taxpayer dollars with little regard for the safety and security of their neighbours. As a result, they’re often gone before the residents of the community in question even know they’ve been there! It’s time this covert practice of “rape, pillage, and plunder” came to an end and that our Municipal government’s support of this practice was exposed for what it is….. an example of foolishness and short-sightedness and stupidity at best and downright greed and avarice at worst.
    As an aside, 10 provincial liberal ridings were targeted in the Oct. 6/11 election by opponents to the industrialization of rural Ontario via the “Green Energy Act”. The Liberals lost all 10! I’m recommending that Mr. McMeekin, Mr. Bentley, and Mr. Bradley be “top of the list” for the next “go round”! I’ve already informed them that they’re on MY priority list!!

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