Essex County sold down the river

Includes Gengrowth, IPC, Brookfield projects (mostly already built)

15 thoughts on “Essex County sold down the river

  1. They make me want to barf but these maps DO really drive home a brutal point. Dalton McGuinty and company will surround and saturate all of southern Ontario with industrial wind turbines, with the exception of Toronto of course

  2. Note: with the exception of a few turbines near the town of Essex, all of these turbines are already up and running.

  3. Thank you so much to all who have produced these maps, it really helps me to show people who aren’t directly affected why we need to put the brakes on this wind fiasco. They literally gasp…

  4. Not a whole lot of room for migratory birds to make their way north across Essex Co. to Lake St.Clair.

  5. What ya mean most are built? Mid county has posts set up and thru the central county I see lots of posts set up. I believe there will be many more to come. Including behind my back yard

      • Are Mid county and blue sky projects under construction or in active mode????
        and what is the status of all other wind farms of International Power Canada.

  6. What’s the current status of the Mid-County Wind Farm? There’s a house on the 5th I quite like, but its right inside the boundary. Is there any way to find out where the turbines are going?

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