Minto may not escape wind energy debate

Minto Express Editorial
There are troublesome winds blowing in our neighbouring municipalities.  We’ve long heard the proposals and opposition about industrial wind turbine projects in Mapleton. Now, North Perth has a major fight on its hands.  Until one’s community has been embroiled in a controversy such as this, one really can’t know what it’s like.  Invenergy Canada has proposed to construct a low-density, 23- to 27-wind turbine development in North Perth and neighbouring Perth East. Invenergy came into the community without much fanfare and began discreetly making deals with landowners.   Read article

5 thoughts on “Minto may not escape wind energy debate

  1. Dalton McGuinty has created a scenario where neighbour sues neighbour. He gets off unscathed.

  2. Michael Polsky has a $6+ million house in the Chicago area and dosen’t have to endure IWTs near his home.
    But he believes it’s alright for rural Ontarians to put up with his IWTs near them.

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