Sacrificing our precious shorelines

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    20 hours ago ( 1:29 PM)
    The CAW Wind Turbine project which is located in Port Elgin, Ontario is making what was a beautifull­y Architectu­rally designed teaching centre into something which I find difficult to understand , as it is visually out of context and out of balance with the surroundin­g buildings and the wonderful homes which are very close to the structure. As I drove past this wind tower yesterday, it makes me sad to see this is happening to what was a well thought out peice of property. It is a huge tower, and it looms tall above the land, projecting a somewhat foreboding presence. Aesthetics are important to people and to the land, and it would seem that this has not been well considered in this particular wind turbine location. In addition to this, my feeling is that this installati­on has been a very selfish demonstrat­ion in the wielding of power . It seems that everybody just wants to be right, and that nothing should be questioned­. Unfortunat­ely, true democracy does not work this way

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