Shedding ugly green-policy fat

by Peter Foster, National Post
When Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan addressed the Economic Club of Canada on Monday, his only reference to energy was to how much more of it he now had, thanks to shedding 54 pounds of lard. Among provincial policies that badly need some liposuction are those relating to green energy.  Read article

7 thoughts on “Shedding ugly green-policy fat

  1. McGuinty brushed off Ont. Auditor General’s
    criticism of energy plan, not too likely anything
    Drummond says will be of any consequence.

  2. Ugh!
    ‘[excerpt] Ironically, Mr. Drummond was himself involved in promoting the fantasy of cost-free — even economically boosting — adherence to radical environmental agendas when, while still at TD Bank in 2009, he paid for a report on the regional impacts of climate-change policy in Canada. Mr. Drummond channelled the money to leading climate-policy wonk Mark Jaccard through the Suzuki Foundation and the Pembina Institute, hardly the organizations to which one would turn for objectivity on climate, or indeed any environmental matter. The resultant report carried the Pollyanna-ish title: “Climate leadership, economic prosperity.”’

    Hedgefund News – nothing yet!
    Should we take a guess?

  3. Happened to see Mr. Duncan on Analog Ch.34 a few days ago where a discussion was taking place about Essex Co. electricity supply. Due to lack of a transmission line/lines there is not enough electricity for much expansion in agricultural industries like greenhouses or other industries out in rural/small town Essex Co. It was also mentioned that Leamington hospital has lost and had to replace equipment due to brown outs.
    Yet there is plenty of money to install IWTs in Ontario and to provide transmission lines for these IWTs.

  4. The desperate Liberal sleight-of-hand tactics knows no bounds … they’ll go as low as necessary to get their way.

    Now they’re using babies to run interference on the IWT debacle at Ostrander Point.

  5. I expect nothing much from Drummond, only a healthy bill for his services, another well satisfied Liberal operative. This link to Germany males for sober reading, too bad McGuinty would not be interested. The idea of not investing in futher nuclear facilities was actually posed by an NDP MPP here Fri, as a solution to the export dumping fiasco (see CTV story below)

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