Health Effects of Wind Farms

by Senator John Madigan, Democratic Labor Party 
In the Australia which we all live in today, it would surprise most people to learn that there is a growing group of new refugees. Like the refugees we have seen in the past, this group has been driven from their homes by a powerful invader backed by a government. The difference this time is that these are home grown refugees and the invaders driving them off their land are massive corporations acting with the full support of the very government that is sworn to protect them. Read article

2 thoughts on “Health Effects of Wind Farms

  1. Am speculating but it’s more than likely that the land in Australia is laid out differently than it is in Ontario with their large ranches. So turbine placement issues are different there than here. Not as likely that their turbines will have property infringement and safety issues as they do in Ontario and these are two issues that Ontarians can litigate on that Australians can’t.
    This still leaves Australians with all of the IWT noise issues which are the same here. The noise issues from one turbine are far different than the noise from several to many IWTs in a given area but both governments refuse to deal with these noise issues and merely say they are not real and are the product of peoples’ imaginations.

    • Australians could litigate on property infringment and safety issues but it’s likely that their IWTs are far enough from property lines so these are not legal issues there that can be used by neighbours.

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