Hydro One project leaves family farm in shambles

by Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun   WATCH VIDEO
GRAND VALLEY, ONT. – A massive construction project by Hydro One has turned this small corner of paradise into a hellish nightmare.  Nestled close to the Grand River near Orangeville, Al and Kim Mournahan’s family 139-acre (55 hectares) beef farm near Orangeville sits on prime agricultural land.  That peace was shattered when Hydro One moved in, expropriated 10 acres (4 hectares) of land and a working woodlot and put up six massive transmission towers for the new 180 km, 500,000 volt transmission line that will bring power from the Bruce nuclear plant in Kincardine to a switching station in Milton.  Al’s family has been farming here for four generations.  When Hydro One said in 2007 they wanted to put up two towers, the family said no.  Read article

9 thoughts on “Hydro One project leaves family farm in shambles

  1. McGuinty has to be held accountable for his massive destruction of Rural Ontario………Queen’s Park needs a good old fashioned Rural Protest…………..dump 100 tonnes of rotting food at his feet and tell him to “eat that!”

  2. Hydro One showing a little heart??? You Gotta be kidding !!!It’s a faceless corporation, with just one goal in mind… MONEY !! Hydro One,, is the former Ontario Hydro.. Ontario H ydo , was originally created and mandated back in the 50’s to supply the province of Ontario’s citizens, with Power, and get this.. AT COST !!!! It was a not-for -profit Utility..!! Until one day,, back in the 90’s,, the Power Corporation Act, was changed and gutted , re-written.. WHY//// Because the government of the day seen a big fat cash cow looming before them,and now,, they operate FOR PROFIT !! So now,,all the people of this province have to suffer once again for some stupid decision some bungling no- mind bureaucrats made back in the 90’s.. Todays Ontario dictatorial government is no better,,, in fact, probably worse…I shudder to think where this all will end, but something better be done.. And soon !!

    • The IWT situation got going in Ontario about the mid 1990’s when a few people thought they had the right to generate and sell electricity to the Hydro system. They couldn’t sell this idea to Hydro so they sued but lost the case.
      Another way of making Hydro buy their IWT and solar power was to get the Ontario law changed so that Hydro would be forced to buy their electric power.This effort began in early 2004 and led to the 2006 law and then to the passage of the 2009 Green Energy Act.
      ENGOs were facilitators or “gofers” in accomplishing changing the laws to force Hydro to buy power from renewable sources by swaying public opionion and lobbying the government. Meanwhile the money interests remained behind the scenes but have now emerged to reap their rewards.

  3. When are all of us going to smarten up join together,en mass with all WIND OPPOSITION GROUPS AND COUNCILS, and take control in an across the province rebellion against this whole insanity,

    We must first demand a proper public open review on TV and the internet with experts in all issues including health issues, ugliness, deteriorating property values,and most of all for urban folk who do not get it. So city folk do not care about rural peoples suffering with these things and stupidly accept the doubling of electricity prices due to these things’

    “Cannot be lower”, you say?

    Yes , “I say< Much Lower"., Check it out on your search engine. Look up Quebec Hydro business plan and economic report. You will see its falling electricity rates, ..Compared them to Ontario Ontario site,and your hydro bill.

    Quebec has the world's cleanest energy and few wind turbines. With sixty hydroelectric [river stations] and one nuclear generating stations, Hydro-Québec is the largest electricity generator in Canada and the world's largest hydroelectric producer. In other words it is using its norther river sites.

    The development of several large-scale hydroelectric projects the Bersimis, Carillon, Manic-Outardes, Churchill Falls and the two phases of the James Bay Project allowed Quebec to reduce its need for fossil fuels

    Hydro-Québec has played a "nearly mythical role in Quebec's economic development with its sustained capital investments, to generate large quantities of electricity at the world's lowest prices.

    Between 2006 and 2010, the company paid C$10.7 billion in dividends to its shareholders = Quebec Electricity users while keeping Quebec power rates among the lowest in the world

    Electricity from its norther rivers cost 3 cents a Kw h.It sells it at high rates to New England.

    The Liberal government's wind turbines cost 20 cents a Kw h, which except for its solar panels at 80cents a Kw h is the most expensive way to produce electricity by far,

    Yet our Liberal Government fails to know that that Ontario has over 2,000 potential river sites wasting to the Great Lakes and James Bay to supply all of North America with its rising electricity .demands,

    This government has run our finances into bankruptcy. It has wasted billions.The high electricity rates will devastate many families,and lower our standard of living, We have to cut itsi creatd deficit with a loss of services and higher taxes. And we still have the interest on the debt that alone ould pay for our education and health system

    This will drive industry and commerce away. It will raise our employment rates.

    Get the facts folks. Let us call the Liberal government to account. And give intelligent direction for a great Ontario future.

    And that means getting rid of these wind turbines producing electtricity we do not need with high municipal taxes on them and declaring they are a danger to our health.

    Check it out people

  4. WTF is going on?! Is this really happening?! What country are we living in?!

    I’m so sorry, Mournahan family, for your losses.

  5. This is absolutely disgusting! How dare they treat the Mournahan family (or any Ont. family) this way. These people did everything the way we are told we should, by planning for their future, so as not to be dependant on their kids or the state, in retirement. They had a beautiful bush lot c/w old growth maple, a rarity more & more in Ont., or anywhere on the planet, for that matter. It was their future livelihood, and a very respectable one at that. Unlike useless politicians,they don`t have a goldplated pension plan, paid by the people they`re supposed to represent.
    And the gov. just wiped it out, like they`re doing with threatened species, all across Ontario.
    McGreedy just doesn`t care! Obviously city dwellers don`t care either, or are too naive/gullable to realize what`s going on in the real world, outside Idiottowns border.
    Maybe all the exhaust fumes have gone to their brains & made them really, really stupid !
    In any case, the Mournahans bush lot, is/was worth way more than what they were offered,( x100)!
    And I`m sure it was home to many a beautiful critter, each whose life, is worth 100 McGuintys.
    So sorry Mournahans. You didn`t deserve this.

  6. Time to cut loose from the urban program to destroy Rural Ontario for the sake of the whole?
    I is more than obvious that Rural Ontario has been sacrificed for the supply of energy to urban Industry. The sad truth is that the future of Industrial Development in Ontario is now a dead issue and more jobs are fleeing Onatrio than coming in because of the huge energy costs.A bit of a catch 22 isn’t it?
    Time to secede and create a Federal Territory with just one “master”, the Federal Government. Then we would at least have some control over our lives that doesn’t exist any more under Ontario’s Dictatorship!

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