Stephana Johnson, 82 year-old IWT refugee, accused of bullying her Council

By Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer
An outspoken critic of industrial wind turbines will have to find something else to talk about if she hopes to continue speaking to Norfolk council.  Read article

Stephana’s Response to above article:
An award winning journalist like Monte Sonnenberg should assure equal space to all sides in reporting an event as well as assure accuracy of information. In “Mayor loses patience…” on Thurs., Feb. 16, Mr. Sonnenberg assassinated the character of the deputant by using inflammatory language meant to imply that her statements are untrue. A councillor is quoted as saying people in Simcoe are exasperated with “repetitive presentations” in spite of the fact each presentation ALWAYS brought new information. Norfolk Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines ARE residents of the community and Norfolk County and as such have a right to 10 minutes of courtesy and justice as is afforded to deputations dealing with culverts week after week.

It also behooves an award winning journalist to present accurate information: There are 38 IWTs in the Norfolk Erie Shores Wind Farm as well as the 18 IWTs of the Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore IWT zone which 70 residents in the 140 house community DECLARE are adversely affecting their lives and health. Travale’s explanation “that Norfolk Council has done all it can for her” does NOT address the fact that infrasound from IWTs disturbs sleep night after night and leads to health hazards and increased mortality according to a research paper from professor Alec Salt, Otolaringologist at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri.Stephana Johnston, Clear Creek

18 thoughts on “Stephana Johnson, 82 year-old IWT refugee, accused of bullying her Council

  1. Ahhh……Boo Hoo to the poor Council for being bullied by one of the Citizen’s that the Council is supposed to support and work on their behalf! Councils today “think” they are “omnipotent” and above the fray. Well, here’s a reality check Boys! You work for US. You are paid by US to do OUR bidding. YOU are our “SERVANTS”, not the other way around and if a Citizen wants to appear before you and your council to discuss the price of bread at your local super market, then YOU have to listen!
    Of course Stephana is guilty of one thing here:being too real and too much of a Canadian to sit down and take it like most other gutless citizens do these days! Stephana is “old school” and will not tolerate fools or idiots when it comes to her welfare along with her neighbours and friends. If this is out of line with Councils wishes, then we should all be “out of line” because this Province is one helluva mess by letting these clowns have free reign on our lives and money. No better example out there than McGuinty,
    Flood Councils with pissed off people and see how long it takes for them to “get back on track”. Haldimand should be the first target. Prioritize the worst Councils and start to do non stop “sit ins” during their “precious meetings” and see how long it takes for someone to “snap” like the above Mayor and Councillor!

  2. Damn right it’s time to occupy councils that want to pretend their are Is it really that difficult to listen to a ratepayers health issues related to a pre GEA wind factory installation that was approved by Norfolk council. Maybe they don’t want to admit any culpability with this projects serious after effects.

  3. Bullying?!
    If this Mayor and council would do the job they are elected to do maybe this lady could actually enjoy her retirement. Then she wouldn’t need to “bully” (remind) useless politicians to do their job!!!
    Is this one of the reasons Ontario is sinking fast?

  4. This is ridiculous. The BULLY is the Ontario Government. If Council really thinks they have done all they can they better come up with a plan B and do more. There are times when rules need to be broken ant things have to change. Step up Haldimand and Norfolk. II used to love Haldimand, I am now ashamed of its council and the landowners who don’t give a damn about their fellow citizens. Lives in our community depend on actions being taken to stop the takeover of our communities by the wind industry. The victims must be heard. Thanks to Ms Johnston, a true hero.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more, p. Also, good job Stephana. You are no bully. You are asking for what Norfolk/Haldimand should be offering/giving you, no more, no less.

      I can’t fathom that any of them think it is OK for you not to be able to live in your retirement home. You and others in this province who have been forced from their homes. One guy I was speaking to recently said, “it was just a minor nuisance to have to live near IWT’s!” Can you believe it?! I reminded him that several families have had to move out of their homes and that I was sure it wasn’t ’cause they thought it would be fun. Disgraceful.

  5. “I have received correspondence that the council of Norfolk County is responsible for the health of the people of Norfolk County,” Johnston said. “I have that on paper. Is that a figment?”
    What a weak generation that can’t even care for, or take responsibility about the health of their citizens. There are far stronger mayors out there. What a sad man.

  6. Re;Stephanas` ‘response to above article’: Good for you Stephana! In fact, good for all the residents of this once grand province(Pre-McGuinty) of Ontar-ari-ario!
    Everything you said, makes perfect sense, unlike the response from councilor Peter Black. It`s obvious that Black represents residents (downtowners maybe?), not yet affected by dirty, dangerous and totally useless IWTs. If ‘all’ those who have complained to Black, or perhaps I should more accurately say, ‘both’ those who`ve complained, had also been forced from their homes, they`d be down at the council meetings, cheering you on Stephana.
    Keep up the good work Stephana, you have the majority on your side, by far.

  7. After months of searching!

    Sheriff Pete – Identifies Bully

    ‘[excerpt] On Wednesday, Simcoe Coun. Peter Black said Travale was tough but fair.

    Black said many of his constituents are as exasperated
    as the mayor with Johnston’ s repetitive presentations.

    Black is frequently asked why council allows Johnston to monopolize council’s time in this fashion.
    “For the sake of the community and Norfolk County,

    I think the mayor did the right thing,” Black said.
    “She’s to the point where she is bullying council.

    I mean, what more can we do for her?”‘

    Ah – Huh! –
    Sheriff Pete earns Crunchy Treat!

    p.s. Public perception counts!

    • Would these constituents happen to be landownwers with IWT leases and options? Or are there IWT developers,owners and investors who live in Norfolk Co?

    • Just so you know!

      It’s not about you – so what is it about?
      – completely demented, and ‘cranky’ too

      Mayor Dennis Travale of Norfolk County Reveals to Energy Digital How Renewable Energy Will Boost Ontario’s Economy

      San Diego, CA, November 17, 2010 –(– In an interview with Energy Digital,
      Mayor Dennis Travale discusses the role of renewable energy in the Norfolk County’s economic development and growth.

      Mayor Dennis Trevale – road to hell – Succeeds!

      Oh – the glory!

    • Oh yeah – Travale’s IQ is?

      As part of the process, communities were asked a series of questions that measure their RQ or “Renewal Quotient”,
      a survey developed by Mr. Cunningham including 13 questions
      based on research he undertook for his 2008 book, reWealth, published by McGraw-Hill.
      According to Mr. Cunningham, one way of predicting what will happen in any given community tomorrow is by measuring its RQ.
      Much like knowing a person’s IQ (intelligence quotient) can provide some insight into how successful they might be,
      a community’s RQ gives some indication of how successful it will be.

      p.s. Oh – happy day!

      • Dosen’t Mayor Travale know that IWTs create brownfields in only a few short years? Stand like rusting leaking hulks over what used to be good farm land. Cement pads that will be in the ground for years to come.

      • Hey Barbara,
        My opinion: He’s a Rodeo Clown!

        To answer your question:
        He knows everything!

      • Barbara,
        I should have said –
        a ‘mean-spirited’ Rodeo Clown!

  8. Many thanks to Maureen for posting the newspaper article and my response to the editor of the Simcoe Reformer.

    Many thanks too to all the Wind Warriors who have taken the time to register their support for the Norfolk Victims of IWTs of which I am one among ~ 70 who first declared that their lives and health were being adversely affected as far back as the summer of 2009 when they signed the petition prepared by one of their neighbours.

    In challenging the Mayor and Councillors to be creative in finding ways to redress the damage done, I was in turn challenged by Monte Sonnenberg to be creative in getting restitution for the loss of a life’s savings spent on shelter to “age in place” and SO I SHALL.

    Anyone who has any new strategies to suggest will be gratefully acknowledged and thanked.

    In the interim, I have been a grateful visitor to IWT – FREE, for the moment, Haldimand Cty where I am housesitting for a vacationing family, sleeping soundly and recovering from a venous ulcer which developed ~ 6 months after the Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore IWT ZONE started grinding away night and day.

  9. Repetitive bullying? They need to hear this day in day out just like we do living next to turbines. when you live next to this is nothing to listening to a hero demanding this harassment to be stopped. This would be the remedy to this and further more she has the right as they are simply servants for the public. Keep it up! They need to hear it constantly

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