Wind project on Lake Ontario shore threatens endangered birds: Nature Canada

Winnipeg Free Press
PICTON, Ont. – A proposed wind energy project in Ontario’s rural Prince Edward County has ruffled feathers with Nature Canada, which says the turbines would threaten several endangered bird species.  The location of the project at Ostrander Point, on land owned by the province, is “one of the most significant sites for migrating birds in eastern Ontario,” the national conservation group says. Every year tens of thousands of birds stop there to refuel, drawn by the unique geography of the area on Lake Ontario’s shoreline.  Read article

4 thoughts on “Wind project on Lake Ontario shore threatens endangered birds: Nature Canada

  1. Nature Canada continues to believe that wind energy is an important source of energy. Their position is that turbines need only to be placed in the right settings.
    How are 7,000 – 10,000 IWTs going to be placed in Ontario all with the right settings to protect migratory birds? This is foolish thinking and impossible to accomplish.

    • According to Nature Canada, Ontario Nature and their ilk, the right setting for IWTs is away from birds … but anywhere near people is OK.

      These groups continue to foul the air with their flatulence …

  2. And that Barbara, says it all !
    It sounds like Nature Canada, is merely passing the buck, too gutless to speak the whole truth, for fear of making Suzuki look like the liar that he is perhaps?
    Anyway, they should/could have spoken out, long before it went this far.

    • The present government was working/consulting with Nature Canada on IWT issues until this was uncovered/discovered late last spring.

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